Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

David and Henry's Birthday Extravaganza

David turned seven (SEVEN?!) at the end of March.
We had a "fancy" birthday dinner for him
 the night before his actual birthday.
He and Henry agreed to have a joint party this year.
For the first time. . .

On David's birthday we had some gifts and special breakfast.
(Cake and ice cream, if you're wondering.)
(Yes, for breakfast.)

He was obviously excited.

To say he likes Star Wars would be a gross understatement.
He got some HUGE Star Wars toy.
Yes, Chris and I gave it to him
and I have virtually no idea what it is.

Opening his birthday gifts took approximately
.25 seconds.

But he seemed very happy.
And big . . . much like a seven year old.

We had their party last weekend.
It was 85 degrees out.
And approximately 65 people came.
And six ponies.

I made a Star Wars cake for David.

I made a Lego cake for Henry.
And he stuck some of his own Legos in.
That made me not so excited,
 but it was his cake.

David rode a horse for F.O.U.R. hours.
Henry?  Didn't ride once.
He played with his girlfriends the whole time.

Jack rode and yelled at his pony the whole time.

David just rode.  And rode.
And rode.

They got a ridiculous amount of gifts.
Including these adorable tables.
(They are Ikea Lack tables with Cricut letters and are fabulous!)

We had lightsaber fights.

And we had Jeep rides.

And sometimes our rides were assisted. . .

And I didn't need to worry about rain.
We had July-like weather!
(And centerpieces filled with Legos.)

And lots of pony rides.

And when David asked, the pony man got the
big horse out of the trailer.
He said "You're the birthday boy!"

He was probably the sweetest man ever.

And David rode some more.

We had a GREAT birthday party.

And now Henry turns six on Tuesday.  It makes me want to cry.  We will bring cupcakes to school that morning and to our baseball game that evening.  He will open his gifts and get his special breakfast.  And we will be done with our birthdays until next year.  David told me this was his best birthday party ever.  I love that feeling!

Summer Teeth

'Summer here, 'summer gone.
Someone is getting some serious dough
from the Tooth Fairy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The boys had their first game last night.
We won.
Henry hit a triple.

David struck out.
And started crying.
And wanted to go home.
And was easily bribed to stay by the promise of popcorn.
I told him I would give him popcorn
every single time he stays and tries his best.
I'll be buying a lot of popcorn.

Clearly they were the cutest on the team.