Monday, January 28, 2008

Jack Attack

Fresh out. . . Look closely - He's still attached to his umbilical cord,
which is also still attached to me. (You'll notice this, once you get past the big ol' booty shot!)

Sleepy baby. Happy, sleepy, drugged Mama.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Jack's in a tub.
Sad prison baby Jack. David making him happy with a puppet.
Henry making him happy with a horse.
My two babies, holding hands and sharing the much loved "silky".
Look at how HUGE Henry's feet look!
I love this picture!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mama I'm Coming Home!

Here's Jack all strapped in and ready for his ride home. We were discharged on Tuesday and were home by lunch. Jack had his hospital pictures done Tuesday morning, so I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival in the mail. We could have gone back to the hospital to pick them up yesterday, but I knew neither of us would feel like it! Jack did great in the car on the way home. He didn't wake up at all, and I'm pretty sure he didn't even move!

I was very nervous about how Henry would react to Jack being home. Before I delivered him, I expected that David would have a difficult time adjusting and that Henry would just go with the flow. Not the case at ALL while I was in the hospital. Henry was very concerned with why I was there, if I was sick, what I was doing in bed, and why I wasn't coming home with him. I think, in his two year old mind, he really believed that I WANTED to stay at the hospital and that I was choosing to do so, instead of going home with him. When they came to visit on Sunday Henry wouldn't speak to me, wouldn't let my mom put him down, etc. I was so upset I wanted to cry. Thankfully the next day when they came he was a bit better. I walked to the nursery with David and Henry so they could see some other babies, and we played for a while in the hallway. (We were at the end of the hall, so there was a window seat to sit and play on.) He seemed to be a bit better. Thankfully, once we were home, he had none of the same behavior. I spent about 2 hours Tuesday afternoon and evening playing with just Henry reading books, playing trains, playing in his kitchen, and just spending time together. He's been fine since we got back. He's really not interested in Jack at all and hardly pays him any attention.

David is doing really well and has not had any issues so far. He loves Jack, wants to help change his diapers, wants to help get him dressed, and is very concerned about him. He's being so sweet and helpful.

Jack's such a great baby. He doesn't cry (so far!) unless he's hungry or getting his diaper changed. He had his first sponge bath last night, and he hated that. He definitely doesn't like to be cold! He's waking every 3 hours to eat, which is a schedule I can totally live with. I've never slept as soundly as I do during those three hours of rest! He has his first pediatrician's appointment tomorrow to check his jaundice, weight, and circumcision. I expect everything will be fine. I told Chris this morning that with David I was nervous about things because he was the first baby. With Henry I was stressed and overwhelmed because I had a newborn and another baby. With Jack, the things that would have overwhelmed me before aren't overwhelming, and I'm not nervous about the things I was nervous about with David and Henry. I think I'll enjoy Jack's being a baby much more than I allowed myself to enjoy the other two. He's so sweet and cuddly and smells so good. I wish I could somehow bottle that newborn baby smell. Then when he's 3 and acting wicked I could take the bottle out and have a smell to remind me of what a sweet boy he is!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet Jack Ryan Simpson

Jack is here!!! We got to the hospital yesterday morning at a little after 6:00, and Jack was born at 8:02. Things moved very quickly and smoothly. After my ultrasound two weeks ago at which time we were told he weighed approximately 6 pounds, 6 ounces, we were all very surprised that he was born weighing 8 pounds, 14.5 ounces!!! He's our biggest baby! He is 20 inches long, and SO adorable. So far he has the sweetest disposition and only cries when he needs something. He started sucking his thumb immediately, and he looks so cute when he does it. (And so far, no paci! David and Henry looooove their pacifiers, so I'm not at all disappointed that he may not use one.) He has the softest hair and skin, and he's just such a sweet little chubby bundle.

The delivery went very smoothly, and I've had no complications so far. I hope it stays that way! I feel great (partially, in thanks to my pain killers!) and the only small "issue" so far has been INSANE itching as a side effect to the spinal anesthesia I had for my surgery. I wanted to scratch my face off! Thankfully I've had some wonderful Benadryl, and that's much better now.

David and Henry came for a visit yesterday. David wanted to hold Jack, but he only did so for a very short time. Henry wasn't very interested in him and only held him because we made him! Henry was much more interested in riding the elevator and getting popcorn from the cafeteria than he was in Jack. While they were here I still couldn't get out of bed, so Henry and David were also pretty concerned with why I was in bed, wondering if I was sick, wanting to know about my IV, etc. Today I am free of my IV and catheter, so I think that they'll be more relaxed while they're here.

I have uploaded photos to snapfish, but am using my dad's laptop and can't figure out how to load them onto the blog. You can click this link to see the photos.

I expect I'll probably be discharged Tuesday or Wednesday if everything continues to go smoothly. We're all doing great, and Jack is WONDERFUL!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For Sale - No Reasonable Offer Refused!!

For Sale: 2004 and 2005 models, slightly used little boys

Details: 2004 model in excellent condition. Runs a bit loud and is slightly temperamental, but otherwise is in like new condition. Perfect for an owner who wants something to baby! No body flaws, no leaks. Just gas and go!

2005 model also in excellent condition. This one is a real work horse! A bit of a gas guzzler, but runs perfectly, needs very little daily maintenance. Does need some fine tuning for maximum potential and occasionally has some rear-end leaking but repairs are under way.

Both have only been in warm-weather climates and won't do well in a cold environment. No warranty, sold as is, absolutely NO RETURNS. I'd like to sell them as a pair. Photos available upon request.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wild children

What is it that's said about dogs? They smell fear? I think my children smell exhaustion and it makes them mental. They've been up since 5:30 and have been insane heathens since then. David has been sooooo bossy all day long (and I know that's exactly how I was at his age!) telling Henry while they're playing, "NO HENRY! NOT LIKE THAT!" Henry started the day off just being sweet little Henry and saying, "Oh. OK Dadid." Not so sweet anymore. He's been hitting and chasing David now. They're in their room "napping". Right. I told them after trying to get them to sleep that they needed to have "quiet resting time". I have no idea what they're doing in there, but it sounds like some sort of construction project. I'm sure the room will be a total disaster, but it's worth the few minutes of relative peace and quiet I'm having right now. The ONLY benefit to them not taking a nap is that they'll go to bed quite early. Does anyone think 3:30 is too early for their bedtime? I'm only partially kidding. . .

Monday, January 14, 2008

Coming soon. . .

The end is near! Even more near than I thought it would be. My doctor came into the exam room this morning and could tell by the look on my face that I have had enough! I told her that I needed her to tell me that Jack would be here sooner than next Wednesday, or she needed to help me have a major attitude adjustment. She helped with both. I've still not dilated any more, so he's clearly not coming today or tomorrow. However, my doctor is on-call this weekend and she said if I *happened* to not eat anything after midnight on Friday and I *happened* to wake up Saturday morning *maybe* feeling contractions and I called her, she will deliver him Saturday. I honestly could have kissed her. The difference in my attitude knowing that he'll be here 4 days earlier than we planned was enormous. I am so glad my doctor was willing to work with me! Her concern was that delivery before 38 weeks can be risky, especially with boys, because there's always a chance that his lungs won't be fully developed and he'll require breathing help. She said she was totally comfortable delivering him this weekend. I told her to plan on it!

So I'm relieved that he'll be out sooner, and I have plenty of time to get some things done. You know I need a plan and a to-do list! I'm glad I'll be able to get my hair cut, my eyebrows done, and maybe even slide in a mani/pedi. Chris is working like 20 hours of overtime this week, so he'll be exhausted by Friday, but I will certainly be taking advantage of at least part of the day to get some things done!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Seriously, I'm freaking done folks. I've really tried not to complain about being pregnant. I do enjoy it -- I realize this is perhaps not normal. My baby will officially, whenever it's born, now not be a preemie. Get. Out. I'm crabby, exhausted, have heart burn like it's my job (and it is not even phased by the Prilosec, Pepcid, and Tums that I take in conjunction with each other), I have to pee 24 times a day, cannot sleep AT ALL, and am having crazy contractions every time I move. I have already gone to the hospital once to be told that I'm not "contracting enough" and sent home. I was *this close* to going this morning, but I seriously think I would have hurt someone if they sent me home again. (I mean seriously, this is my third baby in three years . . . I can't tell if I'm in real labor or fake labor?? WTF? Unless my water breaks all over the place, I won't think I'm in labor!)

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning at 9, and I really, really, really, really want this child out. I'm starting to waddle. I DON'T WADDLE! Don't tell me the end is almost near, I only have 9 days left, I can do it, hang in there, or any of the other feel good things you think will make me feel better. They won't. (I told you I'm crabby. In sort of the insane crazy bitch sense of the word "crabby".) I understand having a three year old, two year old, and a newborn will be difficult. Trust me -- I've had nine months to ponder that situation. (And, just FYI - having a two year old and a three year old is difficult in itself.) Don't tell me Jack's easier to take care of inside than he will be outside. I WANT HIM OUT.

Honestly Jack, it's movin' day. Get out.

PS. OK, one positive thing about my doctor potentially telling me that I have to wait until next week will be that I can get my hair cut this week. It's the little things. I'm trying really hard to think of other positives right now, but I'm having a hard time. . .

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Baby

No, not my new baby yet!

Congratulations to our good friends Michele and Mark who welcomed their new baby girl yesterday. Michele had a very difficult pregnancy, and I'm thrilled that her delivery went well. The baby's name is Margaret Catherine. She was born 8 weeks early, but both she and Michele are doing very well so far. She weighed 4 pounds, 1 ounce and is 17 1/2 inches long. I can't wait to see her pictures! Welcome to the world baby Maggie!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

False Alarm

Chris and I spent a portion of the (very early!) morning at the hospital today in the triage area of labor & delivery. I was up all night with crampy contractions and a very sore back, so I finally called my doctor. Thankfully she was on call, so she had me come in. I called Chris at work and couldn't get him, so I had to call security and have them find him. He came home, and I called my parents. My mom came over and stayed for the boys. We got to the hospital, got hooked up to the monitor, and waited. And waited. And waited. I was contracting, but not enough. The best news though was that I've started to dilate, and at my appointment on Monday I hadn't dilated at all. This rest period will last today and perhaps tomorrow, and then I'm done. I have another appointment on Monday, and I'm hoping if I just resume my normal activities I'll dilate more by Monday and my doctor will push my c-section up. There is NOTHING more disappointing than going all the way to the hospital and having contractions but they're not enough.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year and All That

So I'm a little behind. Happy New Year! Obviously I had a rockin' New Year's Eve. . . I'm pretty sure I was sleeping at like 9!

I had a doctor's appointment today to check on the Jackster. My dad got more than he bargained for today watching my children! My appointment went from 15 minutes to three hours. My doctor told that "if your husband can take time off, now is the time for him to do it." My blood pressure was 137/97 which is really high for me, I'm having actual measurable contractions now, and Jack is resting his head on my pubic bone. She said if I were dilated at all, which thankfully I'm not, we'd be looking at delivery. I had to have an ultrasound to see how his lungs are functioning and how big he is. Since I'm just over 36 weeks pregnant (and a normal full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks), she doesn't want to deliver yet because he would more likely than not need to spend time on a ventilator. Jack's approximately 6 pounds, 6 ounces and had great lung/diaphragm function, etc. so we're just playing it by ear. She said I need to be "hanging out on the couch or in bed" for several hours a day, no grocery shopping, no trips to Target (I laughed when she specifically said THAT!), no lifting, etc. I specifically asked if I'm on bed rest, and she said no, but I need to "not do anything extra and have someone stay with me if possible." Thank GOD I only have 16 days until my scheduled delivery. I'm sort of hoping that when I go next week she'll bump me up. I've noticed, just with my small amount of rest time today since I got home, that as soon as I get up I start having contractions. We'll see if I actually make it until the 23rd. Nobody around here thinks I will! My mom came over with dinner tonight and stayed to help me put the boys to bed. It's so, so nice to have them live so close.

I had a fabulous baby shower this weekend with my friends and got so much wonderful stuff for Jack. Lots of clothes, bottles, two adorable bags, and great other treats for him. I'm (re)packing his bag tonight into one of his new cute bags, and I'm packing my stuff in the other bag! I figured since we're this close I could actually pack, just in case. . .