Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet Jack Ryan Simpson

Jack is here!!! We got to the hospital yesterday morning at a little after 6:00, and Jack was born at 8:02. Things moved very quickly and smoothly. After my ultrasound two weeks ago at which time we were told he weighed approximately 6 pounds, 6 ounces, we were all very surprised that he was born weighing 8 pounds, 14.5 ounces!!! He's our biggest baby! He is 20 inches long, and SO adorable. So far he has the sweetest disposition and only cries when he needs something. He started sucking his thumb immediately, and he looks so cute when he does it. (And so far, no paci! David and Henry looooove their pacifiers, so I'm not at all disappointed that he may not use one.) He has the softest hair and skin, and he's just such a sweet little chubby bundle.

The delivery went very smoothly, and I've had no complications so far. I hope it stays that way! I feel great (partially, in thanks to my pain killers!) and the only small "issue" so far has been INSANE itching as a side effect to the spinal anesthesia I had for my surgery. I wanted to scratch my face off! Thankfully I've had some wonderful Benadryl, and that's much better now.

David and Henry came for a visit yesterday. David wanted to hold Jack, but he only did so for a very short time. Henry wasn't very interested in him and only held him because we made him! Henry was much more interested in riding the elevator and getting popcorn from the cafeteria than he was in Jack. While they were here I still couldn't get out of bed, so Henry and David were also pretty concerned with why I was in bed, wondering if I was sick, wanting to know about my IV, etc. Today I am free of my IV and catheter, so I think that they'll be more relaxed while they're here.

I have uploaded photos to snapfish, but am using my dad's laptop and can't figure out how to load them onto the blog. You can click this link to see the photos.

I expect I'll probably be discharged Tuesday or Wednesday if everything continues to go smoothly. We're all doing great, and Jack is WONDERFUL!


Kelly said...

I am so happy for the whole Simpson crew! Jack is adorable! Enjoy cuddling your sweet bundle! Best wishes for a quick and easy recovery!
Kelly and the boys

Stephanie said...

Yeah! Congrats!! I am so happy for you and give him a big smooch from all of us!! He is adorable!
Stephanie & family!!!

Susan said...

I love him. He is so cute! Congratulations to you all.


Vanessa Jo said...

Congrats! I can't believe how big he looks! I can't wait to come meet him next week!

gram said...

So glad it all over for you. He is a beautiful baby, so nice and chubby.Henry will be after Jack when you bring him home. Take care of you both Love you

Christina said...

Congrats Simpson Family!! He is so cute and his brothers look so proud. Take care and hopefully you continue to have an easy recovery!

cmh said...

Yay!!! Congratulations Simpson Family! Welcome to the world little man!

How are Jack's big brothers adapting?