Monday, March 29, 2010

David's 6th Birthday Party

David turned six yesterday.  SIX!  How is that possible?  We had a "space" party at my parents' house.  It was to be an outside party.  It was about 40 degrees and threatening to rain all day.  The kids all played outside for a good portion of the party while all of their parents froze.  Good times.  We had tables set up in the garage for Moon Sand and for coloring "planets".  Really they all just wanted to play in the sand box or on the swingset.  And the parents probably wanted to have an electric blanket because nobody thinks you're going to an outside party when it's 40 degrees.  The Simpsons like to keep you on your toes!

He opened some gifts at home in the morning.  His big request?  "A fish tank with one red fish and one black fish." 
We provided the fish tank but didn't think it wise to include fish.  He got enough PetSmart gift cards to buy about 100 fish, so no worries in that department.  We also got him a solar system model kit.  He's very into science lately and was really excited about it.  Not so excited about the three additional fish tank filters I wrapped up for him.  I was excited that he was kind to Henry during the opening frenzy.

Then we moved on to the party.  Lots of friends, lots of good food - he had a great time.  And of course the children didn't care at all that it was sub-zero temps outside.  We also did a pinata.  That always makes me nervous.  And apparently not only me - look at the faces the adults in these photos are making.  It's hilarious!
Then we had some cake.  I think people doubted my banana and orange flavored cake.  Hopefully once they ate some they changed their minds.  I hated to put six candles on the cake.  How is this baby six years old?!

Next we opened gifts.  He got some really nice, thoughtful gifts.  And, as he said, "I didn't even get any laundry this time!" 

He had a great, fun day.  Thank you for sharing it with us!  (I also think David has pink eye, so I'm so, so sorry if we shared that with you!)

Rocket Cake

This was David's cake for his sixth birthday party, which was a "space" theme.  The rocket is made out of molded rice krispie treats.  His flavor requests?  Banana for the bottom tier and orange for the top.  They were both great - the banana tastes like banana bread with frosting.  He loved it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


David, Jack and I went for a bike ride this morning.  It was a drizzly, cloudy day but not really raining.  Yet.  I'm glad we went when we did, because it rained pretty much all day after we got home.  David did a phenomenal job!  There was no whining, no wanting to stop, no complaining, no riding like an unsafe maniac - just a really enjoyable bike ride.  We need to work on getting those training wheels off.  How old are kids when they learn to ride with no training wheels?!

And Jack did a great job hanging out in the trailer riding, singing, talking, and looking around the neighborhood.  We have a great neighborhood for bike rides.  I used to LOVE riding my bike when I was a kid.  I lived in a small, small town so my friends Ali, Jenn, and I would ride our bikes everywhere.  And I'm talking until high school.  I still really like riding my bike, and I'm glad David and Jack enjoy it so much too.

Henry didn't want to come.  He is so his father's child.  He spent his time while we were riding bikes playing on the computer.  We're going to work on that.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Truth

I totally stole this photo from Ashley's Closet.  You lie if you say it's untrue.

Do Girls Do This?

I came into the kitchen today to find this:
Do girls do this?  Can you tell what that is?

It's a snail.  Sliming its way across my kitchen counter.  He had a buddy too, but apparently the friend was a bit camera shy.  David and Henry kept calling the snail Gary.  You know, from Spongebob.
Do girls bring every critter they find inside when done playing in the back yard?  I do not recall doing this myself.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

No, not that kind of thirsty Thursday. . . I do miss those thirsty Thursdays from college sometimes, although I have had two alcoholic drinks since 2003.  Clearly I don't miss them that much.  My boss and I were discussing today why both of us don't drink anymore.  My primary reason is that I have three small children and the thought of having to get up and take care of them after tying one on the night before and being hung over is so. not. appealing.  Also, I tend to not do things on a small scale and don't want my children to have a lush for a mother.  And it makes you fat.  And it's expensive.  But damn, I did have some really good times on those Thursdays.  Now?  My Thursday drink of choice? (And, let's be honest.  My Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday drink of choice.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Guilty Pleasure

I hesitate to even tell you this. . . I read this book in one day.  ONE day.  I don't have a ton of time for reading, never mind reading almost 300ish pages in one day. 
Now I've moved on to this.  I really wanted to hide in my bedroom and read it, but that wasn't happening.  Damn kids. 

Just Jack

This little monkey has been sick since roughly January.  Yes, that's right.  For two months.  I'm so beyond frustrated with the situation.  He has a consultation in April to have his tonsils removed.  The child just cannot get better.  He has had a fever since Thursday that will not go away.  For the last two days it's been 103 or higher, never going below 102.  He's Pitiful.  With a capital P.  I hate not being able to make him better!


This is our new sweet girl.  We love her!  I think someone may have been a bit rough with her at her last home, because she's a bit timid still.  She's so, so sweet.  She just wants to sit in your lap and snuggle.  Don't try to walk her, because she freezes and acts like she you're leading her to a death chamber.  We're working on that. . . .