Monday, March 29, 2010

David's 6th Birthday Party

David turned six yesterday.  SIX!  How is that possible?  We had a "space" party at my parents' house.  It was to be an outside party.  It was about 40 degrees and threatening to rain all day.  The kids all played outside for a good portion of the party while all of their parents froze.  Good times.  We had tables set up in the garage for Moon Sand and for coloring "planets".  Really they all just wanted to play in the sand box or on the swingset.  And the parents probably wanted to have an electric blanket because nobody thinks you're going to an outside party when it's 40 degrees.  The Simpsons like to keep you on your toes!

He opened some gifts at home in the morning.  His big request?  "A fish tank with one red fish and one black fish." 
We provided the fish tank but didn't think it wise to include fish.  He got enough PetSmart gift cards to buy about 100 fish, so no worries in that department.  We also got him a solar system model kit.  He's very into science lately and was really excited about it.  Not so excited about the three additional fish tank filters I wrapped up for him.  I was excited that he was kind to Henry during the opening frenzy.

Then we moved on to the party.  Lots of friends, lots of good food - he had a great time.  And of course the children didn't care at all that it was sub-zero temps outside.  We also did a pinata.  That always makes me nervous.  And apparently not only me - look at the faces the adults in these photos are making.  It's hilarious!
Then we had some cake.  I think people doubted my banana and orange flavored cake.  Hopefully once they ate some they changed their minds.  I hated to put six candles on the cake.  How is this baby six years old?!

Next we opened gifts.  He got some really nice, thoughtful gifts.  And, as he said, "I didn't even get any laundry this time!" 

He had a great, fun day.  Thank you for sharing it with us!  (I also think David has pink eye, so I'm so, so sorry if we shared that with you!)

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Melanie said...

chris' stepdad's hip hop look is hysterical. we had a great time even with the freezing temps. thanks for having is he six already?!