Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mama I'm Coming Home!

Here's Jack all strapped in and ready for his ride home. We were discharged on Tuesday and were home by lunch. Jack had his hospital pictures done Tuesday morning, so I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival in the mail. We could have gone back to the hospital to pick them up yesterday, but I knew neither of us would feel like it! Jack did great in the car on the way home. He didn't wake up at all, and I'm pretty sure he didn't even move!

I was very nervous about how Henry would react to Jack being home. Before I delivered him, I expected that David would have a difficult time adjusting and that Henry would just go with the flow. Not the case at ALL while I was in the hospital. Henry was very concerned with why I was there, if I was sick, what I was doing in bed, and why I wasn't coming home with him. I think, in his two year old mind, he really believed that I WANTED to stay at the hospital and that I was choosing to do so, instead of going home with him. When they came to visit on Sunday Henry wouldn't speak to me, wouldn't let my mom put him down, etc. I was so upset I wanted to cry. Thankfully the next day when they came he was a bit better. I walked to the nursery with David and Henry so they could see some other babies, and we played for a while in the hallway. (We were at the end of the hall, so there was a window seat to sit and play on.) He seemed to be a bit better. Thankfully, once we were home, he had none of the same behavior. I spent about 2 hours Tuesday afternoon and evening playing with just Henry reading books, playing trains, playing in his kitchen, and just spending time together. He's been fine since we got back. He's really not interested in Jack at all and hardly pays him any attention.

David is doing really well and has not had any issues so far. He loves Jack, wants to help change his diapers, wants to help get him dressed, and is very concerned about him. He's being so sweet and helpful.

Jack's such a great baby. He doesn't cry (so far!) unless he's hungry or getting his diaper changed. He had his first sponge bath last night, and he hated that. He definitely doesn't like to be cold! He's waking every 3 hours to eat, which is a schedule I can totally live with. I've never slept as soundly as I do during those three hours of rest! He has his first pediatrician's appointment tomorrow to check his jaundice, weight, and circumcision. I expect everything will be fine. I told Chris this morning that with David I was nervous about things because he was the first baby. With Henry I was stressed and overwhelmed because I had a newborn and another baby. With Jack, the things that would have overwhelmed me before aren't overwhelming, and I'm not nervous about the things I was nervous about with David and Henry. I think I'll enjoy Jack's being a baby much more than I allowed myself to enjoy the other two. He's so sweet and cuddly and smells so good. I wish I could somehow bottle that newborn baby smell. Then when he's 3 and acting wicked I could take the bottle out and have a smell to remind me of what a sweet boy he is!


Kelly said...

Hi Kim!
I'm so happy for you guys! Sounds like things are going so well. I love the picture of you and the 3 boys. SO sweet! Hug your boys for me! I miss ya!

cmh said...

Mmmmm, newborn baby smell is the best. I used to sit and sniff Makenna's head and wish the same thing. Love the pictures and glad to hear everyone is adjusting well.

Vanessa Jo said...

Jack is so cute! I'm glad to hear Henry's doing a bit better - kind of funny that David is being the sweet one! :) (just kidding!) Can't wait to see everyone next week!

gram said...

Gland to see you all at home. Henry will see that Jack is going to be there all the time and will want to play with him.Glad to see that David is a big help. Enjoy and God Bless.

Susan said...

Jack is absolutely gorgeous. Really. He is so perfect. You are one lucky mama! Glad you are all doing well.

Stephanie said...

I just want to smoosh him!

Jonthestoryteller said...

Thanks for inviting me Kim. I added a link to your blog on mine (not that I get any traffic yet --- oh, but my blog wants to grow up to be just like yours!).
You have great looking kids, but with only three, are you really a parent yet? I have six, so try to keep up---just kidding; I don't know what I was thinking, to be honest :-) Anyhow, I'll be here as often as possible and will comment when I can. Thanks again and happy parenting.

michele.clerkin said...

I love him. I just want to squeeze him he so very cute!!!!!! I hope that you take the time to enjoy him and also enjoy the great moments that the five of you will have as a family!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!