Monday, November 9, 2009

Bloggity Blog

Why, when I worked 45 minutes away from home did it seem easier to update my blog than when I work 15 minutes away? Every day I think, "I really need to blog about that." Then I get home, have dinner, get the boys in the tub, get things ready for school the next day, get my clothes ready for work, sit down and fall asleep.

These children were much easier to care for when they were babies and couldn't do anything for themselves. I'm serious. And my goodness we didn't know how lucky we were that they couldn't talk!! Saturday was the first day that David was clearly feeling better. I suspect he probably had the flu, as he slept for 16 hours, two nights in a row, after sleeping/lounging on the couch all day. Saturday he was back to his old (CHATTY) self. And Henry was sick. He had a mini-version of a stomach issue. And it could possibly have been a bit self-induced. And a stomach issue in a child who has had some major, major pooping issue in the past? Notsomuch fun. And super stressful for the mama. Thankfully, that seems to have *fingers crossed* resolved itself.

Jack keeps saying "ont bed, ont be bed" Translation: I want a bed. I want a big bed. Like a moron, we got his toddler bed down from the attic, and I borrowed my parents' crib mattress for it. We put the bed in his room, but kept his crib up. Yeah, like that's going to work. He's laid on the bed for a bit, but I left him in there for 5 minutes (perhaps even less) and all hell broke loose. I could hear him riffling through things and opened the door to find him in sitting on the floor with five shirts on around his waist and backwards, pawing through the diaper trash can. Um, disgusting. We got that mess cleaned up, washed his hands, peeled back the layers of shirts, and swiftly put him to bed in his crib. Zipped up safely in his tent. Last night we read his books on the toddler bed, then went to bed in the crib. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Chris is still liking school. Except his English class, which (no surprise) would be my fave. I almost died when he told me that he had a paper due on Thursday that he hadn't handed in yet. Almost died.

Work is going well. It's constantly busy, which is good. Our clients are always interesting, and it's never boring.

Speaking of work, I'm off to get ready. Have a great day!

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so glad you are blogging! I have missed you!!!