Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Ten

1.  Henry hasn't been feeling well for two days.  I'm not a run right to the doctor mother.  He went this morning and has strep.  Poor buddy.
2.  David's play is in two days.  It's quite possible I'm more nervous than he is.  In fact, I know that's the case.
3.  Katie will be home in less than ninety days.  I think I'm nesting, because I'm sewing like crazy and cleaning out everything in our house.  I've made her four bibs and have the patterns cut for a dress, a skirt, and a pair of pants.

4.  The Opry Mills Mall reopens this week after being closed for two years.  There will be a Lego store.  We're going there this weekend for David's birthday treat.  He has no idea, and he's going to be so surprised.
5.  Hello.  David is going to be EIGHT tomorrow.  I cannot believe that.
6.  I seriously think my children are geniuses.  Look at Henry's bonus word on his spelling test:

I'm not sure why it's turned, because it's not like that on my screen until it uploads. . . Regardless, PEOPLE! The word is predicament.  He's in first grade!  I know lots (and lots) of adults who can't spell predicament.  
7.  I am in a cooking funk.  I don't want to do it and have no ideas for things to cook.
8.  I really want to do a CSA this year.  And buy half of a cow.
9.  Our weather has been fantastic.  70s and 80s every day.  It makes me a little nervous for what the summer will be like.
10.  I love Cadbury mini eggs.  Too much. . . 

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Misty said...

1. If my kids got strep from your kid's party, I'm going to kick your ass. That is, if I ever take them to the doctor to confirm because I, like you, am not a rush-my-kids-to-the-doctor type of mom.

4. I had no idea that Opry Mills was going to have a Lego store. I'm pretty sure Ella will sh*t her pants upon hearing that.

6. Just by seeing this picture, I can confirm that my your 7 year old is smarter than my mother-in-law, father-in-law, and brother-in-law...combined. Bless them.

8. It's cheaper to buy a whole cow, so if you find one and need someone to go in halvsies, let me know. We Alberts are ALL ABOUT buying our meat by the farm animal. Kroger who?! Kroger what?!