Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jack is now right about the age that Henry was when I started my blog.  That is very difficult for me to believe.  Henry, affectionately referred to in his younger years as Hurricane Henry, was often a destructive little tot.  He was very, um, shall we say curious?  (That's a nice way of saying he got. into. freaking. everything.)  One of my favorite stories?  The bagina cream episode.  I still laugh out loud every single time I think about this or tell the story.

I also was looking at our Christmas posts from 2007.  We only had two children!  The boys decorating their tree were so cute.  And Jack wore the pajamas David has on in the photos last night. 

They have the same little Christmas tree in their playroom right now.  You can almost see it under the four sets of garland and 592 Christmas ornaments.  Next year we'll replace that little four foot tree with a much larger playroom tree.  Hello Goodwill for that one!

And  seriously?  Could you not eat this child up???  Why do I not remember him being so fat?!  (And looking at this picture I understand why people tell me I look like my mother. . . It's not often that I look at myself and think that, but this photo?  Whoa.)

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Danielle Bennett said...

Kim...your kids are so cute. I love the Bagina episode. We were at the inside playground at Tyler's school recently and there were only a couple of us left. It was pretty quiet in the room and then I heard Tyler say to a few of his friends. "And girls have Bagina's!" I almost died!
There was a moment of silence before one of the boys said "what's a bagina?" Tyler responded with "it's a penis for girls!" It's a good thing that I knew the mothers of the boys quite embarrassing!
Justin is my curious one...he tries do drink the windex and jam his wet thumb into the sockets...awesome!