Monday, July 4, 2011

Urn't You In Love?!

I am obsessed with urns.  OBSESSED.  I look at every house I drive past to see if they have urns and, if they do, what they have in them.  I think they look so classic and pretty.  I snagged some old, old concrete urns from the farm at my in-laws' house, and they're beautiful.  They're on our patio right now.

My sweet mother-in-law also gave me this planter.  Right now it's full of a tomato plant that is a bit of an experiment for us, and a flower that David planted from a seed he got at Boy Scouts in the spring.  He's very proud to see it has actually grown!  In the fall I will plant some marigolds in it, and in the winter I'll do some small evergreen.

I was thrilled to get these old urns, but I really wanted two that matched for my front porch.  I've moved the planters we had by the back door to the steps of our porch on the front of the house.  I'm pretty sure this porch is one of my absolute favorite parts of our house.

I wanted some big matching urns for the front porch to put out when it's too cold to leave my palms out anymore.  Have you ever priced urns?  They are ridiculously expensive.  I really didn't care if they were concrete or plastic, and planned to search for some at yard sales.  Thanks to the internet, I found some at Kmart.  Yes folks, Kmart.  I love the blog 320 Sycamore, and she posted several weeks ago about the urns she found at Kmart.  I sort of forgot about them, but headed in last week to check it out.  Oh. My. Goodness.  They are great!  They're the perfect shape, and come in two sizes.  I bought a large set and a small set.  The large will go on the front porch, the small by the back door.  I've already got my small set out.  

Aren't they great?  I love them!  And guess how much they cost. . . the small size was $6.49 each.  I'm going to get some of the smaller size for inside I love them so much.  I'm also thinking about getting another larger set for inside at Christmas to put some of my trees in.  The large size?  $11.49.  Eleven dollars people!  If it chips?  Not a problem - spray paint it.  I realize I have a slight obsession with these, but I am in love with some plastic urns.

Something else I'm in love with?  How much our flowers and plants have grown this summer.  It is amazing what some water and plant food will do.  It makes me so happy to sit on my porch with all of our plants or sit on the patio and see them.  

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Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I have some black ones just like those from Lowes and they were $12 last summer, too! I actually put a boxwood, red barberry and black potato vine in mine. I'm planning to plant the boxwoods and barberries in the ground in the fall.
Now I definitely need some ferns. :)