Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Twelve.....On Sunday

1.  Henry Loves a Christmas list.  With a capital "L".  He makes them all year long.  This is the one he made on the computer this weekend.  For someone who regularly gets 108% on his spelling tests, we have some issues. . . like "gingerbread dool" and "ordmint" (which is ornament).  And really?  "Sante".  Commonly known as Santa.  Bless him.  He loves some Sante.  (And this Lego Ninjago business?  Ugh.  They are all obsessed.)

 2.  Henry also loves to help and to bake as much as he loves Sante.  It's his turn to bring the class snack on Wednesday, and we made cookies together this weekend.  For four hours.  I may have met my baking match.

David popped in to cut some out, but he really would rather just eat the dough.

3.  Henry also played with the neighbor, J, this weekend.  He and David went to his house for a few minutes, then came tearing home on their bikes.  They were all excited and told me that J "wanted to have a sass war" and that he was saying ugly things.  I told them to just stay home.  A few minutes later Henry was walking out the back door again with a piece of paper in his hands that had a piece of tape at the top.  I asked him what it was and he tried to hide it.  He said it was for J.  I made him give it to me and it said, "Dear J>>>, From, your nabors.  You are a Jack ask."  I took the note and left the room.  So I could crack up in private.

4.  We went to Opryland Hotel this weekend to see the Christmas lights.  I should have taken a Xanax before we left.  There were so. many. people there.  We went to dinner after, and we didn't eat until 9:00 at night.  My kids are in bed by 7:30 every night!  They were so, so well behaved.  Especially David, who literally slept on my lap through dinner.

5.  I wrapped six Christmas presents last night. . . and none of them were from the stash in my trunk that I drive around with every single day.  Oops.  I need to get moving on those.

6.  My office Christmas party is Friday night.  I love our office, and we have great Christmas parties.  We all have a lot of fun together, and the food is always great.  And everyone is ridiculously generous and loves to give nice presents, so we get great gifts.  I get excited just thinking about it.  And Chris and I never get to go our without our children, so it's a lot of fun for us.

7.  My key lime cupcakes from last week?  They were delicious.  I will post the recipe in a different post.

8.  The gingerbread cookies we made?  Also fabulous.  I'll post that recipe as well.

Henry was very, very excited to bring them to school.

9.  We got the boys' school pictures.  They're bad.  Henry's individual pictures are OK.  David's?  He looks like he wants to kill someone.  However, I ordered them because he will only be in second grade once.  I ordered everyone's with a white background so I can hang them together and they don't look ridiculous.  So much for that idea.  David's came with a large black smudge in the printing on the white background.  So I called the company and explained the situation.  They said it was likely in the printing and sent me a new set.  They were delivered yesterday and are EXACTLY THE SAME.  I called them back, and told them I wanted a refund.  They said I could, but that I had to send the pictures (both sets) back to them.  Um, no.  I've already cut up the first set and sent some with Christmas cards!  They have a smudge, but they're the only pictures we've got.  I ended up talking to a supervisor and have to send the second set back and they've refunded my money.  If the pictures didn't go on the yearbook pages, etc. I would never order them from school.  They're always terrible!  And we got Henry's class picture . . . with the wrong name.  They're supposed to send me a corrected version.  What the hell?  I paid over $100 for bad pictures.

10.  I had three cups of coffee and three cookies for breakfast today.  Oops.

11.  The kids had Christmas stuff at school this week.  Henry had a Gingerbread play, and he was hilarious.  It was so, so cute.  They  have breakfast with Santa at school on Tuesday, and then they're out until after Christmas.  I'm ready for a break from homework and packing lunches.

(And, as my own personal observation side note, I was so glad to see that the little girls in his class were all dressed in age appropriate clothing.  I cannot stand a slutty looking six year old, and there were none.  Lots of cute cotton dresses, sweaters, leggings, etc.  That made me happy.)

12.  The boys painted dreidels this morning.  We're not Jewish.  Is that weird?

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Misty said...

11.) If you ever want to see skanknasty clothes for the 12 and under set, take yourself to Kohls girls' department. *cringe*

12.) Girl, don't you know that the Jews are the chosen people?! (Well, that's what my mama says!) We were raised in our church to celebrate Jewish holidays, and even if you're not celebrating them it's still important to teach our children about other traditions and cultures. Besides, you know some of those little Jewish kids are mooching off of our Christmas.