Monday, December 17, 2007

Not much to report

Like the title says, not much going on these days around the Simpson house. Well, nothing exciting anyway! We went to Playhouse Disney Live on Friday, and the boys loved it. They were mesmerized, and I was shocked they sat still for the entire time. After the show we went to Chuck E. Cheese, where Henry was THRILLED that he was able to ride the rides "because we brought money".

Saturday we just hung out at home. We were all pooped! We watched Polar Express (now David's favorite movie?!) three times. Henry never got out of his pajamas and then fell asleep on the couch at 5:15. Our friends Joe and Nicole had a Christmas open house that night, so David and I had a date and went together. It was a nice time with lots of yummy food.

Sunday was a recovery day for David and Henry. They were both exhausted. They took a nice long nap, then we went to see Gigi and Grampy for a while. I wrapped presents last night, and am more than half done. Thank God, considering Christmas is NEXT FREAKING WEEK. How the heck did that happen?

David made a "Christmas mouse" at school today. They do the best crafts. When I picked him up he said, "I want to hang this on the tree. HIGH on the tree, so Henry can't get it." Good idea, since Henry likes to destroy anything he can!!!

D. has his Christmas party at school on Wednesday, which is his last day until after Christmas. Chris will be off starting Friday until after the new year, and it will be nice for the four of us to be able to spend some time together before Jack comes. It's getting so close now!

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