Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Twelve

So not exactly the same ring as "Tuesday Twelve", but it works!
1. We went to Nissan Family Day on Saturday. David and Henry had been asking all year when we could go to "the carnibal at Daddy's work". And when I say all year, I'm not exaggerating.2. David's favorite thing was the train. Shocker. And the bounce stuff, but his "big favorite" was the train.
3. Jack's favorite activity was riding in the wagon like a big boy, people watching, and clapping.
4. Speaking of Jack, the child is hot on Henry's heels to see how much he can get into and how quickly it can be done. Check out the look on his face -- he's totally thinking, "What are YOU looking at?" He also has four teeth, claps, and is trying really hard to wave. He's doing a weird yoga sort of walk/crawl and he's dying to get upright. Soon, I'm sure.
5. Are you kidding that I still can't say no to cakes?! I did this one over the weekend.

6. Project Runway season finale is tonight. I want to cry.

7. We made our first apple crisp of the season today. It was so-so. It was a recipe I hadn't used before. I won't be using it again.

8. I also made this cake last weekend for my mom's birthday.

9. We have all of our babysitting arrangements made for when I start working full-time in November, and I'm so relieved. The people we've hired are so great and the boys LOVE them.

10. David and Henry went to a softball game with one of our sitters on Monday night and had so much fun. They also had their first slushies, which Henry keeps calling a "flushy". I love it.

11. We're going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow afternoon. Shhh, don't tell my children.

12. I had a sip of beer this weekend. I was never a HUGE drinker, but haven't been at all since I was pregnant with David five years ago. I liked beer? It was pretty gross this weekend.


*amy* said...

tell me all about the "people you have hired"!!!

Me said...

These are my favorite blog posts to read and post. Love the cake and that is SO one of the names very high up on our "girl" list. Weird. Glad the boys love the new sitters!

Tiffany said...

Oh I love the cakes!!

Cooper said...

OMG those cakes look wonderful do you do these for other people? I may have to order one from ya over the holidays as I will be in Tennessee.

Kelly said...

Congrats on finding sitters for the boys! That must have been quite a process! Love the new pics. The boys are getting so big!

Kim said...

I "used to" do cakes for other people, prior to going to work at the job I've got now. I say used to because I am still saying yes to people! I'm clearly having a hard time saying no!

Briana said...

Look how big Jack is getting! So sad, huh? Olive is the same way, almost ready to walk, standing on her own, waving. No clapping here yet though. When we clap to her, she slaps her legs instead!

Glad daycare is all sorted out!