Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Twelve

1. Why do the 7 hours between going to sleep and waking up go by so quickly?

2. Jack had his nine month appointment on Monday. He weighs 20 pounds, 10 ounces and is 28 inches long. All three boys were 28 inches long at their 9 month appointment, but he's the smallest weight. I think he weighs the least because he's the most active baby we've had.

3. I also think the shot they gave him had some secret serum in it to make him stay up all night and sleep all day. I want my money back.

4. Henry started tumbling at school yesterday. He got a stamp on his leg (I'm sure his chosen spot) when they were done, and it's "a boy dressed up for Halloween with a bunch of toilet paper wrapped all around he's body." Any guesses? I thought his description was pretty accurate!

5. I still think it's ridiculous that I work for a children's gymnastics company, where Henry could take a free class every day if he wanted to, and I pay for him to take tumbling at school. . .

6. Speaking of work, I got promoted. This happened several weeks ago, but everything is finalized now. Instead of running one location, I'll be a territory manager for three locations. We're opening our second location next summer, and the third in 2010. It's fast-tracked me starting to work full-time, hence the need for babysitters.

7. Henry is having some serious regression issues with potty training. He's been trained for over a year now, but he's started having lots of accidents. I'm wondering if he's nervous about the changes going on at home and it's coming out, so to speak, this way??

8. David has changed his mind on what he'll be for Halloween. . .no more James the train. Now he's going to be Indiana Jones. No, I'm not kidding. The child is totally obsessed with "Eddyanna Jones". He walks around the house humming the theme song. All. Day. Long. We got a costume (for $30, thank you very much) last night, but it's too small. I'm going to exchange it today at lunch. If I can pry the hat out of his hands. He also wanted to know why the costume didn't come with "a snapper fing". That would be a bullwhip. Just what we need.

9. Nissan has halted production on Fridays of this month, so Chris has had a three day weekend. When I came home from work Friday he said, "Do you think it's bad if the boys play video games?" He had them in the living room playing video games with him. "No, I don't think it's bad. . . " was my answer. Until I saw that they were playing GRAND THEFT AUTO. Hello! There are hookers and shooting in that. Let's wait until they're at least, oh I don't know, FIVE before they start hanging with the hookers.

10. His response to me not wanting to play that game (which, by the way, he totally agreed with - I have no idea why he let them in the first place) was, "They don't get it anyway." Riiiiight. Later that night David was upset and said to me, "Oh yeah?! Well if you don't let me, I'll put you in that shooting game Dada has and shoot you!" Awesome.

11. My mom brought us an apple pie over the weekend. It was SO good. There are some things that just taste better when your mom makes them.

12. The weather has gone from summer to chilly overnight. David and Henry have a total of two pairs of pants that fit them and five long sleeved shirts!!! Think I need to go shopping?


Briana said...

I agree, everything always tastes better when Mom makes them for you!

Julie said...

Or if Publix does...thanks to this apple pie talk I had to buy one!