Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kindergarten Evaluation

We are applying to the local magnet school for David for Kindergarten. Well, we were. Chris brought him yesterday morning for his evaluation. And was home very shortly after. It's a 30 minute one-on-one evaluation with David and the Kindergarten teacher. He wouldn't even go to the room. He wouldn't even talk to her! He kept saying to Chris, "I'm scared! I'm twying to be a big boy, but I'm cwose to cwying!" Finally Chris rescheduled the evaluation for Thursday and brought him home. He's already talking about it and saying he doesn't want to go, that he's scared, he doesn't like that school, it makes him cry to think about it, and that he will be too sad if he has to go. I think we'll skip it. I'm not going to traumatize the child before school even starts -- the public school we're zoned for will be fine. It's not a bad school, and we weren't married to the idea of him going to the magnet school. I think we'll just take every opportunity to bring him to see the school before Kindergarten starts in August, because I see this being a tough transition for him. Am I being too much of a pushover about this?


Stephanie said...

No, you have to feed off your kids cues. Check and see if they have a summer class. Our Kindergarten here has a 1 week class for kids in August that allows them to come in and be in the classroom etc. I found the school was very flexible and we went several times for "open houses" before school started. He will do great and love it, Kindergarten is SO much fun!

Julie said...

I don't think so Kim...maybe you could call the school and see if they have any suggestions. Maybe you could bring him there tomorrow just to look. But it is not worth any (more) trauma for sure.