Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Twelve

1. I don't know if I'll have twelve things to list today. . .

2. I'm still loving my hair.

3. I'm dying for some warm weather here. I know my New England friends are gagging and screaming at their computers right now, but it's true. I moved here for one reason - warmer weather. It's notsomuch happening this year.

4. David told our babysitter yesterday that her hair is too long and she should "go to Mama's girl."

5. He also LIED to me and told me that he had "roast beef, some chicken, and potatoes" for dinner, while ticking of his list of food on his fingers. Why would my sweet boy lie to me about his dinner? So he could have a cookie.

6. Now that I've agreed to the Spongebob birthday theme, I've decided to embrace it fully. I'm all about the Sponge.

7. Henry has decided the theme for his party this year will be "a Dora, Blues Clues, circus party with an H cake at Gigi's house". Um, in exactly which direction do I take that?

8. I'm so excited about the Pay it Forward post, but can't decide what to make! (Also, Rachel, I need your address! Do you have my email address? Let me know if you don't, and I'll leave it on your blog.)

9. My next post will be number FOUR HUNDRED! How is that possible?

10. David told our babysitter today, "I see Mama's baginas all the time (not true!) in the bathroom. And I love boobies. I have two boobies, and they're not private. I don't care who sees them!" I'm sorry my child is the worlds tiniest perv.

11. My boss will be having a baby any day now, and I'm SO excited to have a newborn to smell and love on.

12. I Tivo'd Oprah today to see the octograndfather. Seriously? That family has I-S-S-U-E-S. And that octomom has CLEARLY had some work done. I thought all this business about her looking like Angelina was silly, but she really kind of does! Why the hell would anyone want 14 children under 8 or whatever the ages are? My parents would be sorry my 14 children were so hungry, because I just don't see them supporting all of those children!!!


Rachel said...

I don't believe I have your email addy :) mine is rae7anne AT bellsouth DOT net.

I need to get to posting about that eh!? Slackerage....

Briana said...

I'm LMAO at #10! That boys cracks me up!

candiceschenk said...

FUNNY! Your posts crack me up!