Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter stresses me out.  I'm serious.  The egg hunts, and the coloring of the eggs specifically.  I'm psychotic about winning very competitive.  Egg hunts, for some reason, make that crazy come out tenfold.  Not crazy as in I hunt the eggs for my children - I can't stand when people do that.  Crazy as in, I need want my boys to get the most eggs.  I have no idea why - I don't want them to eat the candy inside and nine times out of ten they don't want to either.  I just NEED them to have the most eggs.  The line for the psychiatrist forms to the left. . .

We went to the hunt this year at the Sam Davis Home.  We've done this each year for the last three years, and the boys really enjoy it.  And each year it rains.  The only thing about the Sam Davis Home?  David and Henry aren't there for the eggs.  They're there for the climbing on this huge stump.  
David's "best friend" J. was there with his family as well.  They went to preschool together and are in the same Kindergarten class.  David was so, so excited to see him.  They all played on and in this stump until it was time for their age group's hunt. 

Jack went first.  As part of my obsession with an egg hunt we had to be on another side of the field where there weren't other people.  Otherwise, I predicted Jack getting himself run over by the parents hunting for their children.  He did a great job - he hunted with minimal people watching and got more eggs than David or Henry did!

David and Henry's hunt followed Jack's.  Henry was strategizing before the bunny gave the OK to hunt. . . that strategy went out the window when he, right before the start time, saw a little girl from his class all the way across the field.  When it was time to start hunting he ran past every single egg on the field to go to the other side and say hello to her. 

David was more of a hunt and peck egg hunter - he would run past ten to pick up one.  Very interesting.  I think they both got probably six eggs each. 

They all seemed very happy with their eggs and had a lot of fun.  And two days later we got a permission slip sent home for a field trip to the Sam Davis Home.  And David was excited to go back and play in the stump. . .

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SO sweet. I love those boys!! XO KJ