Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack!

Happy Birthday Jack!
Little Jack turned three on Wednesday.  I cannot believe this child is three years old.  On the morning of his birthday, we had a little cake (purchased from a grocery store bakery, and I put the toys on.  Please.  I can't make him more than one cake in a week!) and he opened our presents.  I will be the first to admit I pretty much let my kids do whatever they want to on their birthday.  Cake for breakfast?  SURE!  Cake for lunch?  Absolutely!  Ice cream for dinner?  You bet!

Jack could not wait to get his hands on that cake.  We had to wait for David and Henry to come downstairs, and he stood guard at the cake the entire time.

He certainly enjoyed his "breakfast".  And I have to confess, I liked the Kroger cake better than I liked the one I made.  It was great!

Next he opened his presents.  For some reason, he is really into babies right now.  I have no idea why, or how this obsession started, but he's all about a baby.  We got him the Baby Alive Better Now Baby , and some Batman pajamas.  He named his baby "Baby Ms. Angie".  (Ms. Angie was his daycare lady!) 

He was very excited to take care of his baby. . . he's quite a little daddy.

He was most excited that you can feed the baby some water and she pees. . . he had to quickly examine where that pee comes from.

We had his party on Saturday, and had forty people at our house.  I was excited, because it was the first gathering we've had since we moved.  Jack was beside himself with excitement.  We had brunch foods (mini quiche, mini muffins, cinnamon buns, fruit, danishes, and omlette casserole.)

His cake was a white cake on the top, yellow in the middle, and chocolate on the bottom.  I sent LOTS home with people!

It was so nice to have plenty of room for everyone, which was so NOT the case at our old house when we had birthday parties. 

We had a Batman theme, so we made some Superhero capes.  We also had a Batman pinata, but that process took about 13 seconds and I took no pictures!

Everyone was so generous, and Jack got lots of wonderful gifts.  We now could certainly challenge any Toys R Us and their collection of Batman toys.

Jack got another baby. . .

And continued his obsession with babies by stalking KJ's sweet boy Griffin.

We had such a great day with Jack and all of his guests.  It was so nice to share Jack's birthday and our new home with everyone who came.  
And I can't party like a three year old anymore.  I needed a nap! 


Rebecca said...

We had a wonderful time also. Jack never gets out of high gear. I'd need a nap everyday not just his birthday.

Stephanie said...

Happy Bday, Jack! Gosh it just seems like yday to me that you had David. How does time go by so fast? Great job on the party wish I could have been there. He is so adorable I just want to chew those cheeks!!! XO


Favorite line of the day: "Happy Birthday Jack!" and his response was, "I'm not Jack, I am Bruce Wayne!" Love me some Jack!! XO KJ

Boston to Nashville said...

Baby Alive!! I had her. I saved up my allowance for WEEKS. Love it.