Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hike Anyone?

Our weather yesterday?  Positively GORGEOUS!  What a wonderful change, considering the start of the week was freezing, icy, and we had a snow day.  Saturday?  Nearly seventy degrees.  We had the windows at our house open and were loving it!

We My children woke up early.  As in, before the sun early.  Clearly they were excited to get a jump on the fabulous weather.  I packed some snacks for us, not really knowing where we would head, and we left in the new swagger wagon.

I'm not really sure what happened to this picture.
I'm bummed because it was my favorite from the day!

Since we haven't lived in this area of Middle Tennesse for long, we don't really know what there is to do for family-ish outings.  I'm all about some inexpensive things that will get us out of the house.  We headed to Manchester, TN.  I have a client who lives there, and he's told me there are several waterfalls in the area.  I knew the boys would be into that.  (And so would Chris and I!)  First we went past the Normandy Dam.  I don't know what we were expecting, but I thought it would be bigger.

We ended up in Manchester at the Old Stone Fort Archaelogical Park.  It was great!

There's a 1.25 mile hike around the park, and three waterfalls.  The. Boys. Loved. It.  And, surprise, there was really minimal complaining by anyone.  (Note, we are precipitously close to the edge to take this picture. . . I was quietly dying inside picturing my boys being swept away by the falls.  And they wanted to get closer!
This was the largest, most dramatic of the falls.  And I suspect the one that made David tell me when he went to bed, "This was the best day ever!"

It was really pretty there, and a very easy hike around. 
*Well, it would be if you stay on the trail.* 

We will definitely go back. 
It was a wonderful morning, and even Jack did well on the hike. 
He had some shoulder rides, but overall did a great job.

Pretty sure David didn't think it was the "Best day ever" while he was standing at the bottom of the hill crying and fussing because I wouldn't carry him to the car. 
He did amuse several of the other people there. . .

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