Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Love the Sweds

We got up bright and early today and headed to IKEA!
My mom slept over last night so she could stay with the boys.
We got to Atlanta and *surprise!* hit a traffic jam.

We shopped a little, then had lunch.
Swedish Meatballs.
(I brought some frozen ones home.)

We made our list, and checked it twice.
Then went to the scary self-service area.
I'm not meant to work in a warehouse.

What did we get?

NOTHING that was on our list!
We did get a bunch more though, and some direction.

We got this, in dark gray for the playroom.
Note, there are no wooden arms for people to break their face on.
And it folds out to a bed for friends.
Or mama when we're watching a movie.

We got this for the playroom too.
So grown ups don't have to sit on the floor when we read.
Or watch movies.
Or play games.

We got three of these for the Lego table.
Because the chairs it came with were crap and broke.  Quickly.

We got three of these for the boys' room.
One to go over each bed.

We got these for the playroom.
Because they'll look great with the orange walls.

We got a bunch of these for the kitchen.
Because square boxes don't fit well onto a round lazy Susan.

We got a bunch of these cute little guys.
And a great hanging system for them.

We got two of these huge pots for the porch.
Or the patio.
I can't decide.
They'll be monogrammed soon.
Of course.

We also figured out what we want to do in the playroom for storage/tv/etc.
It was great to spend time with Chris and be able to have an adult conversation.
Without interruption.

And to sleep in the van without having to hear everyone talking. . .

I cannot believe I have posted that. . .


Karen said...

Hi Kim! I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and was excited to see that you are from Bedford County now :) I recognized your pictures from Breakfast with kids go to the same school as yours!! I am actually on the PTO that organized the event :) I am amazed by your creativity and decorating skills. I love seeing your new finds and how you fix the up!
Hopefully we can meet in person one day. If your family plans to comes to the PTO family movie night let me know, hope to see you there!!

Kim said...

Karen - I'm so excited to have a Bedford County reader! We are going to the PTO Family Movie Night. Email me at ksimp6577 at bellsouth dot net. I'd love to meet!