Sunday, May 15, 2011

700th Post!

Seriously, this is my 700th post.  That's a lot.  I wish I had something profound to post about, but alas I don't.

David had his Accelerated Reader banquet a couple of weeks ago at the Shelbyville First Baptist Church.  It was a lunch for all of the children who achieved a certain number of AR points, and their families.  There were over 450 people there, and it was the largest banquet the school has done.  I believe someone said our school had the most AR points in the county, which is pretty impressive.  With 450 people, it took a bit of time to get everyone served their lunch.  And Jack isn't patient.  We did a lot of this while we waited. . .

And a lot of this.

And a lot of walking around in the hallway so Jack wouldn't irritate the people behind us with his constant questions about why their children all wear glasses.  And why they were drinking sweet tea, because he thought they should have been drinking lemonade.  Good times for them, I'm sure.

David was very excited for his medal and his certificate.  And we left immediately after! 

I'm so proud of how well David is doing with his reading.  He also, because he read so many books, got to have a half day out of school, and got to go on a "Mystery Trip" where they went to an indoor park and played games, ran around in the gym, and swam all day.  All great incentives to read about 5 books per night!

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Mitzy said...

Thanks for posting finally it has been too long. Tell David I said great job on his reading and hopefully he will continue to like to read as he gets older. Also the playroom looks great love the color!