Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school.  We started a new school this year at a magnet school.  It's considered a school for "high achievers", and I'm excited about the teachers and the curriculum.  We've done a lot to prepare them for the first day at a(nother) new school.  I'm almost glad we switched schools mid-year last year when we moved, because they know that a new school isn't a big deal at this age.  With that said, another school "switch" isn't in the cards until middle school, barring any unusual circumstances!

They each picked out their shirts for the day, and they are so accurate per their personalities!  I have a sort of self-imposed "uniform" rule of really only wearing polo shirts or button down shirts to school.  I really don't like them to wear t-shirts or gym shorts, and they're OK with it.  Yes, I realize this is very conservative.  I really wish they wore a uniform to school  

David is so grown up. 
And has Spongebob teeth with those loose front teeth!
I cannot believe he's in second grade.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane. . . 

Preschool, 2007

Preschool, 2008


Kindergarten, 2009.
If you've read my blog for that long, you have no life, you may remember the fiasco that was the start to David's Kindergarten year.  In retrospect, that all makes much, much more sense.  It was still horrible, and I'm so thankful that this has not been a recurring first day problem.  I would be an alcoholic each year before school started if we went through that each year.

First grade, 2010.  
(Note, the graphic tee shirt.  I remember Chris and I had an argument about this shirt and I gave in!)
I think it's funny that David has worn khaki shorts every year on the first day of school since 2007, the year he started school.  I like what I like!

Henry did a wonderful job today, as I knew he would.  He loves school, and he had his backpack on twenty-five minutes before it was time to go because he was so excited.

This was Henry's pre-K first day in 2009.
And probably my favorite picture ever of him.
I have it hanging in my office directly opposite my desk, and it makes me smile every day.
I love that little tongue sneaking out because he was saying "Cheese!" with his little lisp.  

Kindergarten, 2010.  
He was so excited - it's almost still dark out when we were taking this picture because he was so happy to go to school!

Tomorrow is their first full day.  I've already got their clothes ready and their lunches packed.  I want to get the year off to a good, organized start!


Melanie said...

I love me some good ol' simpson critter teeth...this post just made my day! Jenna starts tomorrow and we are super duper excited to be back on a schedule and to be breaking up the hours of fighting each day. I'm toast!

Rachel said...

Jakeb had SKULLS on the front of his shirt on the first day. Yuck. I am trying to relax about the clothes thing but it's hard! Haha.
Glad they had good first days!!