Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guest Room Updates

This was our guest room when we bought our house. 

This is it now.
And it's still a guest room, but that's the temporary use.
Because (hopefully soon) it will be the cozy bedroom for this sweet girl.

We painted, after testing many paint colors.

We finally decided on Martha Stewart's sea glass green from HD.
I love this color.
In the photo of the room above it looks more electric green than it does in person.
It's a really, really pretty, soothing shade.

So now I have to decide what else to do with the room.

I want to make this. 
I have an old chunkalicious (yes, I've decided that's a word) frame with a print in it that I got at Kirkland's a while back. 
The print doesn't go with the room anymore, but the frame is fabulous. 
I'm going to paint the frame and do this over the print.

I want to make some tissue paper flowers to hang in one corner of the room.
I would like to use navy blue, pink, and orange as the accent colors in this room.

Hello.  LOVE this.

I want to do navy chevron stripe curtains similar to these.
I also want to put a wide (like, 12 inches) band of bright pink on the bottom.
I'm having trouble finding navy chevron fabric.

I'm testing this right now.
It's fabric that I bought to recover a rocking chair cushion on our porch.

I am also obsessed with this nesting doll art I found on etsy.
I really want to hang something similar above the fireplace in her room.
However, it's dolls made out of scrapbook paper and glued onto a painted canvas.
I can make that myself, instead of paying over $100 for it. 
I think I'll paint the canvas an orange-y/tangerineish color.

I haven't decided on bedding yet, but that will be largely dictated by the fabric I choose for the curtains and window seat.  Right now I'm thinking a white duvet cover with her monogram in the middle.  Will I regret white bedding in a child's room??  We don't allow food, drinks, or markers (crayons, etc.) upstairs, so I don't think it will be a big issue.

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