Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was cleaning the living room yesterday and Max got excited and peed behind the couch.  I pulled it out to mop behind it, and then pulled it out further so I could just get all of the dust bunnies, etc that gather on the wood floors.  Well. . . that made me decide to move a bunch of furniture around.  What should have been a five minute cleaning project turned into three hours of moving all of the furniture on the first floor around.  Oops.

In the breakfast room before, we had a small cabinet that was my grandmother's by the front door.  It holds board games and puzzles.  I've always wanted a little desk in our kitchen but never really have found a place for one.  (Which is a bit ridiculous, because our kitchen/breakfast area is quite large.)

I swapped the game cabinet with this little sewing table that was Chris' grandmother's.  It had previously been in our entry, and was empty.  Now I have stationery, files, my laptop and iPad, my checkbook, bills, pens, stamps, tape. . . all of those sort of "desky" things in it.  I love it here!  It's also a great space to keep my laptop so I don't have to get the charger out/put the charger away every time I use it.  I can't believe we didn't think of this before.

This was our living room before.  It's a big room, and really didn't feel cozy to me.  It was certainly fine, but I was ready for a change.

First, I covered the couch with the slipcover.  I love me some plaid, but the pink plaid couch doesn't really fit my living room style.  I pulled the console table (which is actually the lower part of a dining room hutch that Chris and I got about 7 years ago for our first dining room) behind the couch.  It's difficult to see in this iPhone photo, but I put some silver frames, to large silver bowls filled with some pumpkins and gourds, and some hurricane vases that I'll put some candles in.  I anchored the table with two floor lamps that I got months ago and GW and painted.  Chris looked at the photo and said, "Hey!  It looks like grownups live there!"

I moved the chair to the space where the console table was.  I pulled a side table that had been in the guest room down from the attic, and brought an old wire milk crate that came from Chris' parents' farm in from our shed.  I put the crate on the floor next to the chair with a round tray on top to make a little space for our magazines, etc.

We moved the victrola (which I secretly hate, but don't tell Chris) to the entry.  I moved one of the chairs from the entry back into the living room.  Next up?  I'm going to cover the cushion on the chair and the love seat.  I'd love to get a new (to us) love seat and just slipcover it, but unless I find one for next to nothing that's not happening.  Until then, I'll work on the recovering project.  You know, that I've wanted to do for over a year.  

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