Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby Update

Ok, so I'm a bit late in this post. I had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday. I've only gained one pound this month (at a time when people are typically gaining around a pound a week), due to my incredible indigestion. I'm on a prescription for it now, and it's made a HUGE difference. I have no doubt I'll be packing the pounds on this month! Jack's measuring almost a week ahead of where he should be. Because of that, combined with Henry being a large baby, she changed my c-section date. As of now, I'm scheduled for January 22. She thinks Jack will be bigger than Henry was, and she was nervous to keep my delivery later than the 22nd in case I went into labor on my own. I would have preferred my original date of the 25th, only because it worked better for scheduling Chris' days off, child care for D&H while I'm in the hospital, etc. but things don't always work out the way I want them to. And I'm pretty sure by then I'll be ready to get him out! I'm still feeling really good, no complications, etc. I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now for a month, then every week until I deliver. I think it's going to go by FAST, especially since there are only 58 days until January 22nd! I have all of his clothes washed, Chris will finish painting his room tomorrow, and all of the baby furniture is down from the attic. We're making progress!

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