Sunday, November 11, 2007


I love a countdown. Countdowns to get David and Henry to stop playing and come inside (as in, counting down from screaming out the back door, "YOU HAVE FIVE MORE MINUTES!"), countdowns until we're done brushing teeth, countdowns until it's time to swap toys, etc. Right now we have two big countdowns going on: the countdown until Christmas and the Jack countdown. This is the first year that David really "gets" Christmas. Not as in the Christian meaning of getting it. As in the SANTA meaning. He knows exactly what he wants to ask Santa for. And it's this Disney Cars Mega Mack playset. It's all he talks about. He carries the Toys R Us big toy book around the house to gaze longingly at the picture. He brings the book to the bathroom and to bed with him. We have a copy in the car for emergencies when he NEEDS TO SEE MACK RIGHT NOW. He asks when we can go see Santa to tell him about Mack. He wants to know how to get to the North Pole. I think he gets it. Henry, not so much. I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring and, after thinking for a minute said, "Well I know not ice cream!" Um, OK. Today, however, he did talk about how he wishes he had a Disney Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket. Right, like the one he thinks we bought for JT, but is really for him. He even said, "JT going to get one!" This is a picture of them "reading" the TRU toy book tonight. They chose to look at that rather than have stories before bed!

The Jack countdown is another story. Just over ten weeks left, and so much to do! In those ten weeks we'll have Thanksgiving, visiting Santa, David's Christmas program at school, four birthday parties, two Christmas parties, and Christmas itself. That would make me tired, even if I wasn't pregnant! We also need to get everything out of Jack's room (computer has been taken care of!), paint it, put the furniture back together and get it organized, move the toys to David and Henry's room, and paint their room, reorganize our master closet to get the dresser for Jack out, and put up more shelving to better utilize our space in that closet. YIKES! We better get going!

We don't have much planned this week. David has school tomorrow and Wednesday. I'll be using my time while he's at school tomorrow to shred a bunch of files, papers, etc. that I cleaned out of our desk while I was moving the stuff to the new computer armoire. Then I plan to start sewing some stuff for Jack, now that I have a nice clean desk to work on! I'm going to take advantage of that space before Chris takes it down later this week. We're going to get the paint for Jack's room and hopefully get that painted next weekend. Once it's painted, I'll feel like we're well on our way.

My mom got D&H some new winter headbands this weekend, and these are some funny pictures of them trying them on. David loves his, and Henry apparently thinks his is a sweatband.


Christina said...

Your boys are too cute! Love the sweatband...LOL!

Kelly said...

The headband pics are so funny! Your blog cracks me up! Isn't it fun how the David and Owen are really getting xmas this year? It's so exciting! Owen has a list about a mile long! Everything he sees he says "I'll put it on my xmas list". Apparently this list is in his head since the boy can't!
Good luck with getting everything ready for Jack. I'm sure it will all come together quickly!