Thursday, January 15, 2009


David got a note sent home from school on Tuesday. It said,

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm having a problem following some preschool rules. (SAD FACE drawn in by his teacher!)

I need help in the following area:
Not to kick and throw tantrums
Not to call friends names (DORK)
Listen to and answer my teacher

Please help me think of some way to have a better day tomorrow, then give me a big understanding hug. I need a helping hand!

OMG, are you freaking kidding me? He called a child a DORK!? And I can't stop giggling about it when I read the note. Over and over again. When SuperNanny ever texted me and said, "David got a note sent home from school today for making poor choices" I almost died. Who gets a note sent home in PRESCHOOL?!

We had a long talk about being disrespectful and not calling our friends names, using words instead of having a meltdown, and listening to the teachers. I'm not sure it did any good, however, because he was very sassy yesterday with his sitter while I was at work and had to spend some time alone in his room. We'll see how school goes today. . . it better be a more pleasant day for him!

I made him write a note to his teachers apologizing for his poor behavior. He was very mad about it. He had so many excuses about why he couldn't do it. His hand hurt, his pencil broke, he wanted a marker, his paper was dirty, his seat had crumbs, he couldn't remember how to spell his name, he made a mistake on the paper and needed a new one, he was thirsty, he had to pee. . . He is SO my child. That is exactly what I would have done. If someone told me a portion of my brain had been removed, regenerated and implanted in him I would not question it, as he is an exact carbon copy of me as a child. Parenting David has given me a whole new respect for my parents. I think he needs more individual attention than he's been getting. That's not always easy with three children under 5 years old and two parents who work full-time, but it has to be a priority for us. He's obviously wanting more attention and getting the kind I don't want to be giving him.

But the note did crack me up, and it's going straight into his scrapbook!


michele.clerkin said...

I LOVE HIM!!! He is so your child!!!

lisagh said...

So funny!

And I think the creativity of his excuses signals a very clever little fella - you're going to have fun fun fun with that one :)

Kelly said... can add Owen to the list of preschoolers who get notes sent! He got 3 in a row at the beginning of the schoolyear! If this is what we get in preschool, I don't even want to think about elementary school!

Gigi said...

David's reasons for not wanting to write his note were like de­ja vu. He is a clone of a little girl I knew at the very same age. Just think of what a wonderful adult he'll grow up to be.

Shauna Sweeney said...

Must have been the day. Avery's teacher also told me he made poor choices yesterday. He was running in the hall (although he tells me he was just walking really fast), and he couldn't remember what else he did wrong. :)