Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vacation Recap

OK, where did I leave off? After Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center, I think we spent the next day hanging out at our resort. We went to the Island Pool, where the boys played on the "beach". They loved it. We went back to Downtown Disney which was, by far, their favorite place to go. Henry loved this Santa made out of Legos.
We also went to Ponce Inlet, to the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. It's Florida's tallest lighthouse, and the boys loved it. We all did. It's 203 steps to the top, and David and Henry climbed up and down all by themselves. They did a GREAT job. It was a LOT of stairs! I think this picture is a pretty accurate representation of what I looked like when we got to the top! ETA: Chris carried Jack up all of the stairs! I kept offering to take him, mostly because I was afraid Chris would have a heart attack and drop him and then who do you run to - your husband or baby? But he carried him the whole way. With no heart palpitatoins, I might add.

The next day we went to Ikea. Henry was all about the play area, and David wouldn't go. He begged the entire time for the European version of the Snuggie sold at Ikea. You know, because his "hands always get trapped inside my Gigi blanket". WTH? This child is obsessed with the most obscure products. I finally convinced him that he didn't NEEDASNUGGIERIGHTNOW because they didn't have the Ikea version in red. Thank the LAWD!

Our trip was great, and we had a lot of fun. It's always nice to come home though!


Julie said...

You'll have to keep your eyes open for the suggie at Wal-Mart...I did see the Buxton organizer there for Christmas!

Please tell me that you and Chris took turns carrying Jack up all those stairs!

Briana said...

I'm with him, I want a Snuggie! (So does Logan actually!)

Briana said...

(Oh and they sell them at Bed Bath and Beyond.)