Thursday, April 9, 2009

13 for Thursday

1. I took a personal day yesterday.

2. I spent the afternoon of my personal day working. . . that doesn't make much sense to me.

3. I spent the morning of my personal day at the pediatrician with Henry, as he has MAJOR constipation issues. And I do mean seriously major issues.

4. He has an obstructed bowel. Not good times.

5. We are on day number two of trying to flush out the obstruction.

6. Please don't make me tell you what the obstruction is.

7. The obstruction is so large you can feel it with your hand if you gently
press on the outside of his belly.

8. I feel horribly guilty about this situation, even though I know I didn't necessarily cause it.

9. I also feel horribly guilty about *hopeful* remedy to it, as by flushing this out,
I am basically making him sick to, hopefully, make him better.

10. PLEASE let flushing the obstruction work, because the
alternatives if it doesn't are NOT pretty.

11. So far, it seems to be moving some of it.
Not as much as I thought we'd see by now, but some.

12. He will be staying home from school today because of it.
And it's his Easter party. Again, here comes the guilty feelings.

13. Please send some pooping thoughts Henry's way!!
UPDATE: He *seems* to be flushed out. Pardon the pun. Now the key is maintaining. . . we'll be making some major dietary changes to assist with that. If you have any tips, send them our way!


Melanie said...

Praying to the Poop Gods right now! Poor guy :-(

Briana said...

Poor Henry! Hope everything turns out (err, comes out) okay! And I must say I'm now extremely curious as to what said obstruction is exactly! :)

Kelly said...

Oh, poor Henry! I hope he's all flushed out soon!

Kim said...

The obstruction is POOP! Lots, and lots of old, compacted, constipated, hard poop.

SingleMomKnits said...

Poor guy. I hope all is well soon.

cmh said...

Poor Henry! Hope he's feeling better by now!

LynnMT0906 said...

Poor guy....that is the WORST!!!!!

Johnson Boys said...

poor guy my oldest did the same thing..would go over a week at a time. it all built up. We started feeding him Fiber One yogart for every meal and snack until we got him flushed cause the bootie oil is real real bad.