Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching Up Tuesday Twelve

I'm so behind on my blogging! I had a wonderful Earth Day post in my head all composed to discuss the things we do at our house to be more green, and . . . it's still in my head. We've been so busy lately!

1. Henry had his 4 year check-up and Jack had his 15 month check-up yesterday. At the same appointment. 90 minutes in a pediatrician's exam room with Jack is about 75 minutes too long. He spent about 80 minutes of in the cabinet under the sink playing with paper towels. Seriously? Why does that door not have a child lock? I understand there's nothing under there he can hurt himself with, but nor do I need to be getting him out repeatedly. I finally got sick of it and just let him sit in there.

2. Henry weighs 42 pounds and is 40.5 inches tall. He is around the 95th percentile for his age for weight and 90th percentile for his age for height. Jack is 25 pounds and 32 inches tall. He's in around the 60th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height. Apparently we have huge kids! No shots for Henry today, although he was supposed to get his chicken pox booster. I had already told him no shots though, so I wasn't going back on that. Jack got two, and he was mad!

3. We've decided to hold off on Henry's trip to the nutritionist. After keeping a log of what he ate for three days, I can see lots, and I mean LOTS, of room for improvement that we can make without paying almost $200 for someone to tell us the same thing. I am planning his daily meals and snacks now - as well as the rest of the family's - and hopefully we'll see some results. He has been doing MUCH better with his constipation lately. Much, much better.

4. Henry had a hearing test and an eye exam at the doctor yesterday morning too. It was so cute to see him do his eye exam! And he was a bit crazed about the hearing test. He had a perforated ear drum when he was 2. What would normally probably take about 3 minutes took about 15 with Henry. . .

5. Chris got his walking papers at work! He could have had his last night be last Thursday! He's excited about it, and I was surprisingly calm at the prospect of him not having a job. I'm SOOOOOOO excited about being debt free, but we'll have to be on a very, very tight budget. I'm not excited about that, but we'll be fine. He was going to talk to his boss last night and work out a final day. He's not home yet, so I don't know the result of that discussion.

6. Jack is into everything. He is, by far, the most active child I've had. I never thought I would say that about a child other than Henry! Jack is so eager to keep up with David and Henry, he's constantly busy!

7. Our weather has been fabulous. We did some yard work this weekend, and planted some flowers in planters in the back yard. We'll do window boxes next weekend, assuming the weather is beautiful again.

8. I really want to have a garden, but don't have the time to dedicate to a big area. I'm going to try growing a few things in containers this year. If that's successful, I'm hoping next year to have an actual small garden. I'm not worried about keeping animals out of it, but I'm worried about keeping children out!

9. David and Henry are having a Mother's Day Tea at school next week. I can't wait to go - I think it will be so cute!!

10. Henry will also have a gymnastics "performance" for the tumbling class he takes at school. That should be interesting. I'm so thankful I have a flexible job so I can go to things like this.

11. I trimmed little Jack's hair on Sunday! He really doesn't have enough for an actual hair cut, nor do I want to cut what he does have. However, the sides were starting to grow over his ears. I wanted to cry!

12. I had a three day weekend with beautiful weather, and it's making it SO hard for me to get motivated to go to work!

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Everyone sounds like they are doing great!