Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump Day

  • So Henry's bowel cleanse worked. I'm sure you were on the edge of your seat wondering about it. His pediatrician's suggestion for managing the constipation issue is basically a massive dose of laxatives daily. I'm not really on board with getting my 4 year old hooked on laxatives, so we took him to a "center for natural wellness" yesterday. This office treats people through a combination of traditional medicine, nutritionists, behavioral therapy, chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture. I felt like I was in the office of the show Private Practice. We were there yesterday for an extensive physical, x-rays, etc. We will go back in a couple of weeks to review the treatment plan and meet with the nutritionist. It might be natural, but it sure isn't inexpensive. If it works though, I don't care how much it costs.
  • Still no word on Chris' job. He's still working, so that's good. He's miserable in his current job though. Not good. That makes him miserable at home too. Thankfully he's on vacation this week, so it's a non-issue. I'm starting to get stressed about my job, as I work for a small business and we all know how those are going these days. I keep reminding myself that we are in a much better position than a lot of people, as we at least know exactly what Chris' severance pay will be. I have to admit I'm very nervous about it though.
  • Jack? He's got the biggest temper of any baby I've ever met. That boy can throw a tantrum like it's nobody's business. He also has started waking up in the middle of the night crying hysterically and wanting to eat. What the hell? I think he needs a bigger dinner and a snack before bed to combat that issue.
  • Henry's big pirate bash is this weekend. I have NOTHING done for it. Nada. And there's a 50% chance of rain. Aaargh. I don't want to have a pirate party in the garage.
  • Chris and I are retooling our budget. I was SHOCKED when he suggested cancelling our dish satellite service. HELLO! No Bravo? No DVR? WTH would I do?!
I'm having a grumpy day, and on days like this I hate being a grown up!


Briana said...

Logan's 4th birthday was a pirate party. I had mapped out a whole treasure hunt for the yard. And it POURED the entire day of the party. I was going to toss the idea out the window until Logan asked (5 minutes before the party started) when we were going to do the treasure hunt. I ended up with clues like: Go to the captain's sleeping quarters and walk the plank in the kitchen. Not fun, but it worked. My hilarious husband then told me that I could get a great job planning birthday parties in drought ridden countries (because that was the 2 in one in a month's time that I planned and had it rain that day.)

Julie said...

WOW...the dish was his suggestion??? I've thought about it myself, but I have the same thoughts about it that you do! Love me some Bravo!! I wish we could pick and choose the channels and pay that way!
Can't wait for Henry's party...glad his cleanse went well!
It wouldn't be a day for me if it were not a grumpy day...I can usually condense it into minutes, maybe hours!

Stephanie said...

Can I have a grumpy day with you? Brent's job is always in the back of my mind and they are having a "big" meeting today to retool the comp package. You know that they aren't getting MORE $! Ugh...
Brent just bought a new car too! Thankfully, it's just on order so when it comes in we can say no thanks if this meeting doesn't go well today! My friend got rid of cable and just went to "basic". Then they got rid of their home phone and use cells only. Some cost ideas for you.

Johnson Boys said...

hey my kiddo was going thru the whole same stuff with constipation.. we use Aloe in his juice everyday and he eats Fiber One yogart like crazy. I am also a massage therapist so this is what the school had told me to do when my kiddo got the stoppage.
Save your money girl..