Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Twelve - The Jon & Kate Edition

1. If you didn't watch last night's big "Special Announcement" episode, don't read this. It's a total spoiler.

2. Let's start with the Kids Crooked Houses. I am SO. SICK. of the product placement on that show. I totally understand they have a huge viewer base, and that if you put a product on the show it will sell. Every single episode is about selling something. The houses were adorable, but come on. Four of them? I understand they have eight children. If we had eight children, we would get one playhouse and they would share. Not four "uniquely designed children's playhouses. . . " which start at $5000. Each time I see something on that show (ie: the Playdoh the kids were playing with or Jon's John Deere tractor) I wonder if they paid for it or if it was "placed" there.

3. There is zero communication in that house. Are you kidding me that Kate didn't know where the playhouses were going to go? Did she even know they were getting them? She seems so uninvolved in that family.

4. Jon is obnoxious. He seems so irritated by the whole process. Someone needs to remind him that he signed the contract - nobody forced him to do this. When Kate called him to tell him she didn't think that was a good place for the houses (which I agreed with, btw) he was so rude to her. He's a baby.

5. Speaking of babies. . . I'm pretty sure the obnoxious behavior shown by the twins is pretty typical of girls who are 8 years old. Oh. My. God. If I had that going on at our house all the time, I would want to be on speaking engagements 20 days a month or hanging out at bars with 23 year old girls. And I'm glad I have three boys.

6. Why do the sextuplets wear freaking bibs still when they eat? They are 5 years old. David is 5 years old. If I put a bib on him, he would never wear it. Nor does he need to. . . Jack doesn't even wear a bib!

7. Why does Jon constantly look as if he has a sunburn? Is this some sort of microdermabrasion gone bad?

8. Kate's hair. . . Always looks cute from the front. The back? Notsomuch. Reverse mullet is such an apt description.

7. Big surprise they're getting divorced. That was the worst kept secret ever.

8. Jon needs to grow up. All his talk about "I'm only 32 years old. . . I'm excited for what's next. . . " WAHWAHWAHWAHWAH!!! He's a big cry baby. Nobody forced him into a life with 8 children and a bossy wife. It wasn't an arranged marriage. Maybe she wouldn't have been so bossy if he stepped up a little more and acted like an adult, rather than the 9th child. It's not easy to be a parent, especially with a large family. I don't feel bad for him - I feel bad for their children.

9. Kate is a martyr. I don't feel bad for her either. They each made choices that got them to where they are today. Is she a bossy girl? Yes. Does she seem more adult in their relationship than her husband? YES. Do I feel like they should have turned the cameras off and focused on saving their family instead of entertaining the masses? Absolutely. They don't want to.

10. I have never been divorced, nor am I a child of divorced parents, but I think Kate's announcement that she will "NEVER spend a holiday away from my children" is possibly unrealistic. I believe a judge will decide that. If they can work that out, great. I think 5 years from now when there are girlfriends, step-parents, etc. in the picture, that might not work out so well. I hope for their children that it does.

11. All of her organic cooking is flying out the window when it's Daddy's turn at "the kids' house"! I so see him ordering pizza and being the "cool dad" while she has to do the real parenting.

12. I'm done watching this show. I say again. . .


Stephanie said...

I couldn't agree more! Jon drives me crazy! Talk about mid life crisis...buing a sports car, bar hopping. WTF? Also, why didn't he step up and tell his wife she was being too bossy? Grow a pair buddy and stick up for yourself. If you let yourself get walked over that is YOUR fault! I agree she was a controlling nag, but like he didn't see her true colors when they were dating?
Hair implants, teeth, tummy tuck, Kate tanning, nails, crazy hair, Jon's two earrings??? I swear Kate had breast implants too! I thought the exact same thing about the Playdoh...product placement?
You are right on Kim!

Kelly said...

The bibs on the kids drive me crazy!! Lord knows Kate would just die if one of her kids precious outfits got dirty!

Candice said...