Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've gotten some flack for not updating my blog. From my mother. With whom I speak every day. . . I think that's really funny, since anything I will post here she already knows!

There's really nothing new, which is why I haven't posted! I've been working, and when not working playing with the boys. Certainly not cleaning my house, which is on the agenda for this weekend. The boys are out of school now, and have been staying busy. They went to the park twice last week with our babysitters, came to camp at work with me on Tuesday, went to the Splash Pad in town yesterday with the sitter, and will be at camp again tomorrow. Their social calendars are much busier than mine.

Our air conditioner stopped working Monday. When it was 90 degrees out. Love that. It was fixed yesterday, so all is well again. It made me realize how much I appreciate central air! David and Henry have bunk beds, and with no air it was hot in their beds Monday night. Chris pulled their mattresses of, and they slept on the mattresses on the floor. They thought that was great. David woke up yesterday morning so excited because "the night went so quick sleeping on the floor!"

I think I'm going to get the boys tickets to Thomas and Friends Live in July. They are still so obsessed with Thomas, I know they would love it. We'll leave Jack home, because he doesn't really sit still well. . . Any volunteers to keep him for a couple of hours?!

Chris' last night of work is Thursday night. He's excited, but I know he'll miss some of the people he works with. He's bringing barbecue in for everyone on his last night. We had to turn our lease car in to start the purchase process, so this is what I drove to work today. I have to say I felt much cooler in the Thunderbird than in my minivan. . .

My grandparents will be here this weekend, which I'm excited about. My grandfather and I share a birthday, so we'll be celebrating that while they're here. And I've not seen my grandfather since the last time I was in Massachusetts, four years ago. FOUR YEARS! I can't believe it's been that long since I've been back!

OK, I'm going to get my day started. Have a great day!

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