Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Round-Up

I hope everyone had a great weekend. And a wonderful Father's Day to all of my Daddy readers. . . I suspect that's just my own daddy!

We had a great weekend. Saturday morning we headed to the Splash Pad for S's birthday party. If you remember, she's David's "girlfriend". Her family lives in our neighborhood, and I've gotten to be friendly with her mom. They're a sweet family. Her party was fun. David didn't want to go in the water at the splash pad because "the last time I got sunscreen in my eye". Sorry about your luck - it's 95 degrees out. He sat on a bench and watched the other children play. Henry splashed for a few minutes, waited in line for a boy who was about 10 to stop playing with the big water gun, and the boy never stopped. Henry got upset, started crying, and didn't want to play anymore because "dat big boy should KNOW BETTER! We take turns!" I was proud of him for his nice manners, and I wanted to kick a ten year old's ass. We went back to play in the shade while the other children were playing. I made S's cake, which I (of course) neglected to take a photo of before we got to the party. It was a cute beach themed cake with palm trees, waves, and "life persavers" as David called them.
After S's party, we came home and everyone took a three hour nap. How often does that happen? Never. It was fabulous! We ran a couple of quick errands, had dinner, then sat out on the front porch and had root beer floats. It was very close to a perfect day.
Sunday morning we got up early and headed over to Loveless Cafe for some Father's Day breakfast with my father-in-law. We had a great breakfast, but Jack is not really a great restaurant patron. He stared at the woman at the table next to us and screamed, "GIGI! GIGI!" the whole time. She looked nothing like my mom, but clearly he thought she did!
We headed to Sam's after breakfast to pick a few things up. When we got home, Chris took David and Henry to the movies to see Up. Henry was all about it. David? Notsomuch. He's not a great movie-goer. He gets scared, so they came home early. We headed to my parents' house after for some dinner and swimming.
I hope you had a great Father's Day weekend!

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Stephanie said...

Jack looks just like Henry in that picture!