Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Because I Needed Another Project. . .

Chris and I went to a yard sale over the weekend.  We were passing by a street in my parents' neighborhood when I spotted, out of the corner of my eye, two Craftsman style chairs in the driveway.  We went up to the house, and looked around.  I sat in the chairs, and I really, really liked them.  Chris and I are real fans of the Craftsman style of architecture and furniture, so these were very appealing to us.  One was a side chair and one was a rocker.  They were sturdy and were comfortable.  The woman said that they went through a "Craftsman phase" and didn't use them anymore.  They were priced $125 for one or both for $200.  We have a huge sectional sofa in our living room (which was free, so I love it.  But is not our style, so we hate it.  But it was free, so we love it!) and don't have room for two chairs that don't "match" our current style.  We left them at the sale.  And have been thinking about them ever since.  Today Chris emailed me a link to a Craftsman style sofa on craigslist.  The cushions looked a little sad, but I can work with that.  The bones of the sofa looked good.  And the style was the same.  Was it possible?!  The posting was from June 1, so I thought surely they had already sold it.  I emailed, and it's still available.  Are you kidding me?  I called Chris and told him to go knock on the door at the house where the yard sale was to see if the chairs are still there.  They were!  He called me and I told him to offer $150 for the pair.  And they took it!  The chairs are mine!!

They'll take some TLC to get them to a point where we will use them.  I want to strip and stain them a bit darker.  And c.l.e.a.r.l.y do something about the cushions.  They're a hot mess.  However, I scored a major deal with these, and am so excited about how it will all look when it's pulled together.

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