Monday, July 5, 2010

To do? Ta Da.

We had a busy, fun, productive weekend.  On our list of things?

  • Drinks after work Friday with DBE, JDH, and JK at Aura Lounge, the newest addition to the Murfreesboro square.  I hope it lasts, because it was a nice, fun place.
  • First Friday concert on the square Friday night.  We had Bar-B-Q tacos from Jim & Nick's, Sno cones, and sweet tea.  The Crusty Veterans played, and the weather was FANTASTIC!
  • Saturday we started the day with some donuts from Krispy Kreme and headed to the Murfreesboro Main Street Market.  Because nothing says "Farmers Market" like donuts. . . 
  • After the market we brought the boys for haircuts with Ms. Chloe at The Beauty Bar.  
  • The boys came home to hang out and I went to lunch with my sweet friend Adriana and to see Eclipse!
  • We spent Saturday night eating a picnic dinner and waiting for fireworks.  And I wanted to hurt myself because my children are not the most patient waiters.  I should have anticipated this.  We brought things to do, but our bag of tricks lasted about 18 seconds.
  • Sunday we brought the dogs to get groomed, the boys to get their swim on, and then brought Georgia to obedience school.
  • We had a swim and lunch with my parents, then came home and all took a 3 hour nap.  That is a better gift than Santa himself could bring.
  • Chris brought the big boys to get fireworks and we had our own neighborhood display.  My dogs did NOT love that.  (And as I type this Max is pacing the house as someone in our hood shoots some off now.)
  • Today we got up bright and early and headed to Trader Joe's.  I love. that. store.
  • We came home and Chris worked on some projects, headed to Lowe's, and did whatever it is that he does in the garage.
  • While Jack napped I scrubbed our kitchen, cleaned our washing machine, did laundry, emptied the dishwasher, recovered our kitchen bench, made a huge to-do list for work tomorrow, planned meals, and played cards with David and Henry.

  • When Jack woke up we headed to the fountains at the local hospital for some splashy fun.  David and Henry immediately stripped and peed when we got there.  Awesome.  I'm glad we were the only people there.

  • We had a picnic dinner in the living room tonight on a blanket while we watched Jurassic Park.  
  • Tonight I cleaned out my car, then did books, bath, and bed.  We're all exhausted!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

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