Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peanut Butter Breakthrough

I will admit, I am a person who is completely obsessed with and could fall apart if things don't go according to my routine likes routine.  (My mother and father have probably just fallen out of their chairs and are rolling on the floor right now, by the way.  I've been a fan of a routine since I was a child.  Flexibility wasn't always my middle name people!)  My morning routine?  Get up at the crack of dark, make some coffee (p.s. iced in the spring, summer, and fall with hot only in the winter), get lunches ready for the day, put clothes in the dryer if I did laundry the night before, and check the news, email, facebook, etc. online.  The peanut butter portion of my routine?  While I'm checking my online goodies I eat an Earthgrains Thin Bun with peanut butter and a tiny bit of jelly.  (It used to be an english muffin, until I found the thin buns!)
Peanut butter is not exactly great on the Weight Watchers points, so I just cut the two tablespoon serving in half and put half of a tablespoon on each side of the thin bun.  And really, who needs a full tablespoon on each side?  That's a lot of peanut butter.  And points - two tablespoons of the peanut butter we buy is 4 points.  I was at Publix yesterday and saw Better'n Peanut Butter and had to try it.
It's two points for two tablespoons.  It's less thick than normal peanut butter, but it's delicious.  Even my husband liked it (unfortunately!) and he's a peanut butter snob.  It does have to be refrigerated, which I typically think takes some of the creaminess away, but once I put it on the toasted thin bun it softened up right away.  This is definitely one to try if you're a peanut butter fan.  I still only used one tablespoon, so it's just one Weight Watchers point if you count.  I also think it would be good to use in a peanut sauce if you were making something like that.  Give it a try!

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