Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas, The Finale

As you can likely imagine, there was a lot of Christmas excitement around this house.

Each of the boys opened a gift (or two) on Christmas Eve.

None were too excited about their Christmas pajamas.

Christmas morning was another story.

And they sure looked cute in those matching pajamas. . .

 The Bat Cave was a huge hit. 
With all of the boys.

Our tree looked like we were having Christmas for 20 people.
We weren't.
Just eleven.

The gift opening was a whirlwind.

Nobody was interested in "laundry".
You'll note the Gymboree boxes piled up, unopened. 
If they saw a "laundry" box it just went to the side.

Everyone seemed pretty happy with their gifts.

Even Max was a good boy.
He must have known Santa was watching.
He hardly peed inside at all. . .

Despite the serious look on his face, David did have a nice Christmas.

Little Jack. . . who wouldn't want this fireman to save them?!

The boys got a trampoline from Nan and Gramps.
They're SO excited!
You can see Bingo on the hutch behind them - this was the hit gift.
David LOVES to be the "caller".

And, the aftermath.

Why don't I remember having to clean this up as a child?
Oh right, because I DIDN'T!
The mother has a lot to do after Christmas. . .

The aftermath seemed to trickle through the house.

And Jack realized that opening presents all day is hard work!
I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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Candice said...

Looks like you had a nice day. I love your new house!!