Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crafty, Crafty

We had ourselves a crafty weekend. 
First, I made a coffee filter tree.
I would seriously cover my children in coffee filters if that wasn't weird.
Everything I glue them to comes out cute.
I first saw this on The Nester's blog.
Why does her's look bigger? 
Bigger tree thingy to start with?
I'm making the second one tonight for the other side of the table.
And putting them on cake stands.

Today we were busy, busy.
Jack painted a picture.

Then painted himself.
Then had his first bath of the day.
First of three.

I made these curtains for the boys' room.
They started out just polka dot.
Then I remembered I still can't do math.
And didn't buy enough fabric.
What a moron.
No worries.
I sewed the striped on top, then put a cute ribbon in the middle.
Problem solved.
And cuter than the original.

I had extra fabric left from my dining room curtains.
And extra fabric left from the boys' curtains.
And I love monograms. . .

I used the canvas as a case, and appliqued their initials onto the front.
I will stuff them and use them as pillows for their beds.
You know, when they're made.
 (On Saturday and Sunday, only.)

The pillows will be Christmas gifts.
Because every little boy hopes for a personalized pillow under the tree.


Town and Country Mom said...

Great mirror, and I can't wait to see how your table/island turns out! Thanks so much for stopping by Town and Country Mom!

Ashley said...

Cute tree and curtains! I have been wanting to try something with coffee filters.