Sunday, March 20, 2011

Calling All Hoarders

We are in the market for a new back door.
Our neighbor recommended we go to this salvage place.
Um, hello hoarders.
This place is unbelievable.

One person owns all of this.
He apparently purchases things on clearance from 
Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. in the five surrounding states.
And sells it all.  At. His. House.

The amount of stuff here cannot be accurately described.
It was a massive amount of anything you could need to 
do any project at your house.  Anything.
And cheap.
We found a door that is probably $600 at the HD for $180.

It's totally unorganized and a wreck, but it was great.
And next time I go I will not take my children.
It's not exactly child friendly, and it was hard for me to concentrate.
But I assure you, we will be back!

Edited to add:  This is in Beechgrove. 
Email me for directions if you're local. 
It's SO worth checking out.


Candice said...

That place looks fantastic! I would love to wander around there. Lot's of treasures to be found!

Karen said...

Where is this located?? I need to go there!!

Ashley said...

This place looks awesome! I may have to stop by there as we are going to be looking for a new back door soon, too. Can't wait to see the one you picked up!

cadization123 said...

Cool! I live in Bedford County. Where is this place?

Unknown said...

I just started reading your blog, I found it through another adoption blog and i love it! I was wondering if you could give me directions to this place you visited? Thanks so much!