Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

I know the coffee filter wreath has been all over blogland.  I'm not sick of it though.  You may remember the wreath I have in my dining room.  Or the tree I made at Christmas.  I love some coffee filters.  Well I had a housewarming party to go to Sunday at 2:00, and it would take me about 45 minutes to get to the party.  I decided at 11 that I would make a coffee filter wreath for the party.  And I hadn't showered yet.  Best decision of the day?  Probably not.  This, my friends, is how I roll.
Thankfully, I already had my supplies.  I had a wreath form (from the Dollar Tree), coffee filters (a fresh pack that I hadn't even opened!), some ribbon, a glue gun (or in my case, three. . . don't ask please.  I don't have an answer.), and some glue sticks.

This is not a difficult project folks.  Grab a filter, fold it up in the direction of your choice, and glue.  Work around the perimeter of the form from the outside in.  And have some patience.

I like to lay out a bunch of filters while I'm working on it so I don't have to stop each time and peel them apart, etc.  It seems helpful to me.

I will say that when I made the wreath and tree previously, I glued directly onto the plastic around the form.  That wasn't an option with this one, and I HATED gluing it to the floral foam.  It just made a mess and the glue didn't adhere immediately.  It ended up being fine though.  I love how they turn out - and it's exceptionally inexpensive with a pretty dramatic result.

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simply gorgeous!