Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grilled Tilapia Foil Packets

We had the best dinner tonight!  It was so easy, and very good.  I made grilled tilapia, but did it in foil packets because I hate losing half of the fish through the grates of the grill.  I didn't really have a recipe.  I got a pound of tilapia from the fish counter (it was five filets).  I sprayed five pieces of foil with non-stick spray, and piled veggies on the foil.  I seasoned each filet with some lemon herb seasoning, put some minced garlic, salt, and pepper on the veggies, and put the fish on top.  I folded each packet up and grilled on medium temp for fifteen-ish minutes.  We served it over white rice and squeezed lemon on top.  It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

(Henry and Jack thought it was great. . . David ate a ketchup sandwich.  Baby steps people.  Baby steps.)


Danielle Bennett said...

I love Tilapia. We buy it at Sam's Club frozen and then I thaw it. It's super cheap there...maybe $12 and you get 15 pieces or so.
I will try this way...I often do it in the oven...but grilled sounds WAY better. I have an AMAZING salmon recipe if you eat salmon. Let me know if you want it:)

Stephanie said...

I have a recipe that you do foil packets in the crockpot with a tiny bit of mayo, lemon juice and parm cheese. Yum! I am going to add veggies next time!

chandra said...

Sounds yummy! Wish I could get my family on board with fish!

Lindsay said...

Tried it this week and LOVED it. So yummy!! Thanks for posting on here so I could try it out.