Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crayon Initial Teacher Gifts

This is what I made for teacher gifts this year. My friend Candice made these about a year ago, and my friend Melanie made some this year. I have to footnote this to add that they are both FAR craftier than I am. They both make some amazing things. I've had a lot of people ask me how to make this, so here is how I did it.

  1. I started with a $1 5x7 frame from Dollar Tree. This is my favorite of all of the dollar stores. Yes, I have a favorite. Don't judge. Anyway, I bought 4 frames, as each boy has 2 teachers. Next I bought the 120 crayon box of Crayola crayons for $6 at Target. You could certainly get less expensive crayons at Dollar Tree if you're on a tighter budget. I had card stock and a glue gun already.
  2. I printed on bright card stock the first letter of each teacher's name and cut the page to size to fit into my frames. I suggest a simple, basic font.
  3. Next, I cut the crayons to size to fit over the letter I printed. I cut the crayons with a box cutter, and it was a very easy way to make a clean cut. I then glued, using the hot glue gun, each crayon piece to cover the letter.
  4. I put the glass from the frame behind the letter to give it some stability, and also so the teacher can use the frame later for a photograph. Super easy, and can be done VERY inexpensively!

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candiceschenk said...

Yya! I hope the teachers liked them.