Friday, May 22, 2009

Five for Friday

1. School's out! Let the camps begin for the big boys and the afternoon painting and chores begin for big daddy. I'm sure Jack will be a huge help to him.

2. We told the boys we're having another baby. Henry said, "I fink we got enough babies around here. Maybe we could get anudder grown up instead?" GREAT IDEA!!!

3. Our babysitter was taking the boys to the park on Wednesday and called me at work. She asked if I knew that our registration for the van expired in March. Oops. I swear that paper said May. . . This particularly irritates me, because I'm a very organized (read: anal) person. And the state of TN mails you a renewal form over a month before you need to renew. And you can do it THROUGH THE FREAKING MAIL. The boys and I took care of it yesterday. In person, not through the mail. (Even though I still think that's a "man job" along with cutting the grass and taking out the garbage. Why is it my responsibility, in addition to everything else? That's another post. . . )

4. Are you doing anything fun for Memorial Day weekend? We're going to do some yard work. Woo hoo. Hopefully something fun too, although we have nothing planned. I kind of like having nothing planned.

5. We have been playing outside all day, every day with this great weather we've been having. Yesterday my boys were out literally all day, until they fell asleep in the car on the way home from my parents' house. They went over to their house while I got my hair cut, and I think swam and ran around the entire time. They are ALL still asleep at 6, which never, ever happens. I love summer.


Susan said...

Henry is too funny! His comment is hysterical!

Briana said...

LOL @ Henry's response that boy cracks me up!

We're hosting our 3rd annual cookout/campout here tomorrow. Sunday we're climbing Mt. Monadnock (wanna come!?) and Sunday we're tag teaming and each taking a boy to the movies to see Night at the Museum while the other stays home with the other boy and Olive.

candiceschenk said...

I could use another grown up myself. Your kids are so stinkin funny!