Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Monday

Oh Monday. . . and still raining! We got spoiled by the beautiful weather we had been having, and now it's been raining for days. We had a huge flood at work last weekend. A toilet over flowed after a party on Saturday, nobody knew it, and it overflowed all afternoon Saturday, all day Sunday, and the person who opened the gym on Monday was met with four inches of water in about a quarter of the building. I wasn't there on Monday and got a frantic text message while I was at the doctor with the boys that there was standing water and they needed the landlord's phone number. They called a carpet cleaning company who extracted as much water as they could and said that the next morning it would be dry. . . Um, notsomuch. The next morning the floor was still soaked. And the water had been sucked up into the drywall, ruined the wood floors in our dance room, etc. It's been a NIGHTMARE. And, of course, our insurance doesn't want to pay and neither does the landlord's. They're duking it out right now to determine who is responsible. We were closed all week last week, and will be this week as well while the cleanup and drying out is completed, flooring is replaced, holes in the walls patched, etc. The only nice thing has been that I was off this weekend!

Saturday we went to the Farmer's market, and out for lunch. I love the farmer's market! We got some lettuce, radishes, kettle corn, and the boys got fried pies. Yes, we hit all the healthy stuff. I really want to go strawberry picking this week, so I passed on the strawberries. It was very difficult to do!

Yesterday the boys played outside in the mud and I cleaned up the house. I also went to get a baby gate, because Jack is into everything. We could really use about 4 more, but we'll have to make do with one for now. Nan and Gramps came over to visit for a while and got the boys tired out from playing so much. Love that.

Today we're picking my dad up at the airport. He was in Massachusetts for the weekend. We'll also do some laundry, go for a walk, and I think make some banana bread. I also need to start thinking about teacher gifts for this year, because we've only got a few weeks of school left. Any good ideas?

Thursday the boys have their Mother's Day tea at school. That should be fun!

I'm going to post our menu for the week and put some clothes away. Have a great week!


Briana said...

The flood sound sterrible! Hope the insurance companies figure it all out soon!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I wish you were closer! I have 3 or 4 gates I could give you!! Hit the consignment store!