Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jon & Kate

OK, I think this whole Jon & Kate affair scandal is ridiculous. They're probably both having affairs. She seems like a nasty, controlling bitch, and he seems like a wimpy, spineless moron. However, she normally looks pretty cute. Minus the weirdo hair she's got going on. She knows that they're all over the tabloids, and that there are going to be cameras when she goes out. And this is what she chose to wear yesterday? Not a good choice, Kate. Not a good choice.


Briana said...

I agree.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you posted about this. I am obsessed with them right now and what's going on. I really used to like her to a point...I mean everyone has their flaws. Now...she drives me insane! When the hell is Jon going to grow a spine and stand up for himself. I really can see why he is having an affair. Heck, I would too if someone treated me the way she treats him. And think, that is how she is on TV think of how much worse she is when the cameras are off.
WTF is up with that outfit?

I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Having lunch together and talking about these wonderful topics! :)

Kelly said...

That outfit is horrible!!! I am semi obsessed with them too. I wonder if the actual truth will ever be revealed. I love a good scandal, but my heart is breaking for those 8 kids!

*amy* said...


Christina said...

DITTO! Can we say Hooker Momma??

Keri said...

she looks like a freaking hooker. And we actually agree about them *gasp* She's a controlling bitch and he's an emasculated,ball-ess wonder.

And I'll go one further and say neither one of them deserve the 8 kids they have.

Julie said... took the words right out of my mouth! I just read the People magazine article about her perspective and I was very excited to see it here as well! I cannot get enough of this trash...I saw her brother and sil on the Daily 10 on E! They said that it is over, and kind of on Jon's side.
That bitch thinks she is H-O-T! Good luck to her finding another man, too much is known about her...I hope he's deaf!

Johnson Boys said... I have to comment today on this one..You know these are some pretty harsh comments about Kate. I think she looks cute and LOVE The hair know honestly good for her keeping herself together after 8 kids. Seriously how dare anyone say a lady doesn't deserve those kids...she takes care of them very well I must say and also manages to keep herself put together. Anyone who is a mom knows how hard this job is and I can't believe one would join the bandwagon of trashing her.. I think their relationship has always been this way and she has to control some of it to keep her house in a sain form... I mean for real 8 kids screaming all day long. One should not throw stones I say... Karma exists ya know!

Kim said...

I have to say I don't disagree that normally she looks cute. Not a fan of her hair, but I'm sure there are people who are not a fan of my hair. Who cares? I do have to disagree that "she takes care of them very well". I don't really think, at this point - regardless of what she says - that she is taking care of them. At least not without help. This "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is her business, and she treats it as such, not as a family. But what do I know - I'm not privy to their private life. At least what's not shown on cable.

Keri said...

How is she "taking care of them" when she is on book tour after book tour and the kids are home with Jon and countless nannies?? She was even gone on MOTHERS day!

She "keeps herself together" thanks to free tummy tucks, teeth whitening, tanning and a personal trainer. Hardly diet and exercise.

I don't think anyone that puts fame, big homes, book deals and bodyguards before their children and their marriage deserves the children they have.

But I guess we can wait another 10-15 years until the kids start writing THEIR tell all books.

Her 8 kids "scream all day long" because they are ignored and shoo'd away by the two people who should be making them a priority. I have 4 young boys and while my house can get loud there is hardly 'screaming all day long'.