Sunday, August 29, 2010

600th post! And a Whirlwind Week!

I cannot believe this is my 600th post.  I obviously spend too much time on the internet when I could be doing other things.  And, since my life has changed a lot in 600 posts and three years, it's probably only fitting that this has been about the craziest week in those three years.  Let's recap, shall we?

Friday, August 20:  See a Facebook posting by our local newspaper with the open houses of the week.  Spy a cute, old house and show my husband.  We discuss how much we like it.

Saturday, August 21:  Still thinking about the house.  We talk about it off and on all day, but just in a "Hey I like that house" kind of way.

Sunday, August 22:  Wake up and tell my husband I want to drive by the house.  We pile everyone in the car, drive there, peek in the windows, and fall in love.  Bring everyone to my parents' house and drive back to go to the open house.  Go home and know we'll be making an offer.  WHAT?  We're not looking for a new house!  We talk about the house all. night.

Monday, August 23:  Talk to my dad more about the house, he goes to see it.  Go to the bank at lunch and apply for a mortgage.  3:00?  Approved for the mortgage.  3:15?  Call a realtor.  That night, review the comps he's run and talk about the house some more.

Tuesday, August 24:  Chris and the realtor go to the house, check it out inside and out, discuss prices.  Realtor calls other realtor, discusses house, blah blah.

Wednesday, August 25:  Make an offer.  And wait. . .

Thursday, August 26:  Get a counter-offer.  Counter back.  Finally reach an agreement, sign a contract.  YAHOO!  Get quotes for home owners insurance.

Friday, August 27:  More talking with the realtor, call some attorneys I'm friendly with to discuss closing costs, talk to the bank more, email the kids' teachers, email the new school.  Start making lists, because we've got a lot to do!  Also got some moving boxes from craigslist.

Saturday, August 28:  Go back to the new house with my parents and the realtor.  And our children.  That was big excitement for them.  They ran all through the house, inside and out.  David met the little boy who lives across the street (his family has 3 boys also).  Everyone loves the house.  Come home and start packing.

Sunday, August 29:  More packing, cleaning out the closet we don't even go into because it's a pit.  Re-paint the kitchen, sand the kitchen cabinets, make huge yard sale piles, do laundry, and go to Vanessa's birthday party.

This is going to be a quick month, I believe.  I will be out of town for 5 days for a wedding in Massachusetts, so I'm trying to get as much done as I can.  Up this week?  Home inspection on Tuesday and hopefully our appraisal at the end of the week.  Yikes!  We're really doing this!

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Melanie said...

How fun...congratulations to the Simpson's! Can't wait to see it.