Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bring or Buy?

That's the most important question at our house every night before school.  "Bring or buy?"  Meaning lunch the next day. . . seriously.  This is a huge decision for us.  We dutifully hang the menu on the garage door each month and together block off the days that D & H deem "disgusting" or "too gross to eat" or "I don't know what that is".  I'm not kidding - that's happened on several occasions.  Tomorrow is David's first day of first grade.  (I can't believe it either.)  Since the August lunch menu is not posted on the school's website yet, he has opted to bring.  This totally does not surprise me, because David is a particularly selective eater.  I will see he leans much more to the healthy side of selective, which is nice, but he also abhors most sandwiches and other lunch-y type foods.  No pb&j for this one.

His lunch will be packed in this lunchbox.  For which I had no input during the purchasing process.  Clearly.  (I would have chosen a red monogrammed lunch box, but my husband tells me this is dorky.  And constantly reminds me "He's not in prep school."  Whatever.)

His water will be chilling in this similarly *adorable* water bottle. 

My man can eat some hard boiled eggs.  I cooked up a big pot for him this afternoon.  This will be a go-to breakfast, lunch, and snack for him all week.

Trader Joe's Tortilla Chips with an Identity Crisis will be his carbs.

A Trader Joe's Fiberful bar in mixed berry.

Curious George fruit snacks for his afternoon snack.

Horizon organic strawberry milk.

He also has a big bag of apple slices, a container of apple sauce and a Trader Joe's organic string cheese.  I didn't figure you needed a photo of those.  

What's in your lunchbox?


Stephanie said...

Love the part about dork and his lunch box! Hunter has a plain red LL Bean one, but the twins both have kid crap. Ah...what are you gonna do?

Candice said...

That sounds yummy! Better then the pb and honey my kids get!