Monday, August 9, 2010

What the F?

I was perusing through the Gap Saturday evening while my husband patiently followed behind.  Look what I spotted, in section one (that's Gap-speak for the front of the damn store).

For the love of freaking God.  Stirrup pants.  And not just stirrup pants - denim stirrup pants.  I'm sorry, did I drive a time machine to the mall?  What the hell?  These were not a good idea in 1988 when my mother rocked them with some ankle boots, and they're not a good idea now.  This is hideous!  And, lest you think that they only come in this one beautiful look. . .

Clearly this woman is at an audition for some sort of dance performance, as determined by her footwear. And the fact that she's wearing STIRRUP PANTS!

And obviously this woman is headed to her professional job in her cute black stilettos.  And stirrup pants.  Because nothing says "I'm a professional" like stirrup pants.  That ever forgiving Lycra cotton blend hooked under your foot.  WTF?  Who thought these were a good idea again?

Once I got past my shock and indignation at the sight of the stirrup, I did recover enough to make some purchases.

Jack got some new, much needed polos.  Although I certainly have the benefit of some great hand-me-downs for the third child, he's also the third child to spill yogurt on his shirts, write on himself, and rub chocolate smeared fingers over the front of his shirt.  Thus, we need some freshening up.

Henry has a desperate need for some new shorts.  My boy has, I believe, been wearing shorts tight on his belly for a while now but hasn't said anything.  He typically gets a chubby belly when he's about to hit a growth spurt.  Or maybe it's because he's been having seconds each night at dinner. . . regardless, it's time for some new shorts for him.  I got the para shorts above in a 5-6 with elastic waist, but that's not going to cut it.  I love the shorts, and the smalls fit David, so I ordered some in the medium for Henry.  I hope they fit, because we're rapidly running out of options.  And he will. not. wear athletic shorts every day.  Or sweatpants.   I will find a fashionable option if it kills me.

And I got this cardigan.  Because I wear a cardigan nearly every day, and I love this style.


Stephanie said...

Seriously? Did they have some big ole sweaters up in section 1 too?
YUCK! Hello 1987 nice to see you again!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the cardigan too.