Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to Massachusetts

I went to Massachusetts for the wedding of one of my good friends, Jenn.  We've been friends since junior high school, and I'm so excited for her and her husband Kevin.  Going "home" was interesting, as it was abundantly clear that it's not "home" anymore.  I think, other than the obvious that my husband and children weren't there, because my parents don't live there anymore it really isn't home.  My dad went too, but did his own thing.  Really we just flew together, because I saw him when we got there and I saw him when we left.  We did have a layover in Philadelphia on the way.

This was on the menu. . . served "with Whiz"?  Really?  This is the best description?

When in Philly. . . 

I stopped at Priscilla's Candy while I was there to pick up some candy for the boys.  And some French rolls for me.  The French rolls are heaven in a box.  They are amazing.

The boys had fun while I was gone.  As they say, "Dada is good at playing."  They made a very elaborate fort with blankets, boxes, tables, and chairs.

Jenn's wedding was nice, and I took exactly one photograph.  And it's not of the bride, it's of my friend K and me.  K and I have been friends since we were very young - like three years old.  It was great to see her and several of my friends from high school.

I also drove past the new wind turbine in town. . . this photo does not begin to capture how freaking enormous it is.  

I had a great trip, but I was happy to get back home to my husband and my babies!

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Briana said...

That new windmill is HUGE, isn't it!? We have our church BBQ in September every year at the Otter River Sportsman's Club and you can see it across the lake, it's enormous!

Glad you stopped at Priscillas too! I get French Rolls for the the kids' godmother for her birthday every year.